Plazm launches The Portland Stamp Company Artist Series

Looking for a signed, limited edition work of art by Ed Fella for a cool twenty-five clams? How about one featuring multiple panels you can lick and stick on an envelope? Then you’re ready for the Artist Series from The Portland Stamp Company, a new venture founded by Plazm partner Niko Courtelis, Chief Perforation Officer of the new firm and his loyal Vice Perforator, Josh Berger.

Launching today, the Artist Series is a collaboration between The Portland Stamp Company and invited designers, artists, and writers who create original poster stamp designs. Poster stamps—also known as Cinderella stamps—were popular from the mid 19th century through World War II and featured the day’s prominent designers and artists. People used them to celebrate special occasions, spread political propaganda, and of course, advertise products. Nearly forgotten for decades, poster stamps are experiencing a small, passionate revival on our antique equipment. Customers may design their own stamps or ask the Plazm designers at The Portland Stamp Company to do the honors.

Our poster stamps can be printed with letterpress, risograph, or digital output on lickable, gummed paper. Each sheet is then pinhole-perforated by hand on The Portland Stamp Company’s vintage machines. The Artist Series sheets are signed and numbered by the artist, and released in a limited edition of 100. They can be purchased from

Upcoming artists include Allan Bealy, Rebeca Méndez, Chris Johansen, David Carson, Mia Nolting, and Kate Bingaman-Burt, with many more to follow.

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