Ed Fella: Some Odds to No End(s)

Our pal Ed Fella‘s show is opening at FISK Gallery, on lucky Friday the 13th. We’ve had so many fun collaborations with Ed over the years. Your attendance is highly recommended. A rare treat for PDX …

There is an opening reception at 7pm — details here: http://fiskgallery.com/

For the opening our Portland Stamp Company made 50 commemorative stamps. They are available at the gallery only, $10. First come, first served.

Just for fun, here are a few of the things Ed has done for Plazm magazine over the years.

Cover, Plazm #17, 1998. Wait that was 20 years ago?

His first contribution was back in 1997 in Plazm issue 16. We did a 32-page newsprint coloring book that was inserted into each issue of the magazine. There were 30 great contributors in the coloring book alone! Ed Fella did the page shown here.

Speaking of 30, here’s a lovely Plazm 30 for our thirtieth issue.

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