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Plazm magazine was founded in 1991 as an artist resource. The magazine gained international recognition for its experimentation with typography in the 1990s and was one of the forerunners of the small digital type foundry. Guest contributors have included David Byrne, David Carson, Coco Fusco, John C Jay, Guillermo Gomez Peña, Martha Rosler, Rick Valicenti, Why Not Associates, and many others. Plazm magazine’s complete catalog is part of the permanent collections at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Denver Art Museum. 

In the early years we held live music events with bands like Crackerbash, Dead Moon, Hazel, Pond, and The Spinanes, raising funds for our fledgling magazine, and shipped magazines from a beat-up VW van. In alphabetical order, the founding members were: Patrick Bardel, Joshua Berger, Karynn Fish, Neva Knott, Andrew McFarlane, Rueben Niesenfeld. 

Plazm’s magazine editors have been Neva Knott (issues #1-9), Yariv Rabinovitch (#10-17), Jon Raymond (#18-30), and Tiffany Lee Brown (#28-30). 

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  1. Bruno Barreto Rosa says:

    Hi, my name´s Bruno, i´m from Brazil. I´m doing Design in my university and we have to do a work about some designers. One of them was Joshua Berger. Can you tell me as he helped in sustainability and what projects he worked for the sustainable area? Thanks.

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