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Plazm-designed logo achieve tattoo status on Fort George patron’s arm

I think this is the first time a Plazm branding has been branded on a body. At least the first that I am aware of. Nice guns. And great beer. The Fort George Brewery and Public House, Astoria, Oregon. We … Continue reading

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McCatering to the Races

McDonald’s Corporation has recently launched a couple of websites specifically targeted to African American and Asian American audiences. In the misguided marketing effort category, I’m lovin’ this as the winner. Note the catchy site names. — plazm blog has … Continue reading

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Rebranding the Mercenary

Blackwater, the notorious private army, contracted by the Bush administration to protect “high value” military personnel, and accused of numerous crimes against Iraqi civilians, has recently undertaken an extensive brand repositioning.¬† The corporate name itself, Blackwater, had¬†become a public relations … Continue reading

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