Sports — Berrigan & Schiff, Goldsmith, Coyle, MacKenzie & Mausert-Mooney

Kenneth Goldsmith — Sports

Ted Berrigan & Harris Schiff — Yo-Yo’s with Money

Harry Coyle

Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney — Inside Voices Hollow Objects
(with Ryan Sullivan, Nicholas Rummler, Courtney Nulicek, Michael Milano and Jesse Malmed)

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Hey, Bud — van Elk, Baldessari, French

Ger van Elk — The Well-Shaven Cactus

John Baldessari — Teaching a Plant the Alphabet

Lindsey French — Drunken Texts from an Oak Tree

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Guy Sherwin, Peter Campus & The Marx Brothers

Guy Sherwin — Man with Mirror (1976/2011)

Peter Campus — Three Transitions (1973)

The Marx Brothers — Duck Soup (1933, excerpt)

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Ones Directing: François Truffaut, John Smith, John Cale

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I am interested, fascinated, in love with the détournement as a form, with the situationists as people and with acts of ventriloquism designed to overthrow capitalism. I am also, as evinced above and perhaps you’re t/here with me, a firm believer that within the major streams of media, comedy is the space in which that greatest formal innovations/play are (or have been) possible. Buster Keaton in Sherlock, Jr. Half of Annie Hall. Tim and Eric (now). In their own small ways, these are the big budget avant-garde films you’ve been waiting for.

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The Revolting Theater (Tuli Kupferberg)

Tuli, Tuli, Tuli! How many people places are named after him? How many types of flowers? This is the guy Allen Ginsberg meant about that jumping from the Manhattan Bridge line. According to wikipedia, according to MOJO he said “Nobody who lived through the ’50s thought the ’60s could’ve existed. So there’s always hope.” I think that’s pretty good. Fugrying allowed–amiright? (The second video is more, like, like the one. But Morning, Morning makes for a good morning to the meal, an appetizer of occasion and a bumper crisper.)

On the walk home I think of things you can trip on (in “both” senses): a tree stump is a good place to start. The stump contains universes, it stands for ceased life, for duration manifest in rings, for progress, for history. It is also a large object you might not see as you catch your toe on it and fall into a puddle. A puddle that is reflecting a tree stump might just be a single-trip catalyst. Your brain is going nuts for it, but feet find their way through reflections and refractions and illusions with relative ease. The big one, ultimately, is the self. Trip, trip, trip. I get FUGS LIFE tattooed on my tum. I write a psalm book of uses for fuck, of Presidents with slaves, of land, water, blood, postage stamps and lots of sheep. We have everything we need except a national anthem.

Another good one HERE.

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Dick Higgins, Steina Vasulka, Vito Acconci, Cap’n Jazz

:-$ The money where the mouth is, the mouth moves currently and currentially. Brakhage was high school besties with Tenney was married to Carolee and Dick and Alison, well, you know, sometimes we forget when we’re thinking about history and art history maybe in particular (using small a and small h) that the x-ists and the y-ists (and 4-ists and even the *est-ists), well, a lot more of them knew each other than we think. Histories are not just discrete ideologies bumping up and rubble-bubbing against each other and then one wins and the other fades away. All those thousand terraces overlapping and understanding. I don’t need a reason.

Dick Higgins – Invocation of Canyons and Boulders for Stan Brakhage

Steina Vasulka – Let It Be

Vito Acconci – Open Book

Cap’n Jazz – Yes, I Am Talking to You

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Alexander Stewart, Michael Bell-Smith, Dave Hickey, Morley Safer

Oh well O L LOL oh. I was reading Frivolity and Unction by Dave Hickey. Here is a pdf so you can too.

Alexander Stewart – Pollock!

Michael Bell-Smith – Art Tape: Live With / Think About

Morley then:

Morley now:


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Takashi Ito – Spacy

Deeply heady frame-bend brain-blends from the great Takashi Ito.

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Ben Russell – Black and White Trypps Number Three | Lightning Bolt



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