Jackie Goss is an artist and educator whose research-driven, animated documentaries and essay films have been screened internationally. Her works are thoughtful, informative and provocative, each bearing a unique personality, rich with asides and deliberate in pacing. This interview with Penny Lane at INCITE tells a lot.

Her newest project, The Observers, is beginning to make the festival rounds. Expect every microcinema and forward-thinking (and backwards-yearning) screening series in the country to show this within the next little while.

From the website: Shot on 16mm film with a small crew, ‘The Observers’ is based on the actual work of the crew of the Mount Washington Weather Observatory — one of the oldest weather stations in the world where staff members have taken hourly readings of the wind speed and temperature since 1932. In 1934, the staff recorded a wind speed of 231 mph –the highest wind speed ever recorded by a human being.

This is going to be excellent.

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Jesse Malmed is an artist and curator living/working in Chicago. Santa Fe may always be his home, but Tivoli, San Francisco and Portland have all made their cases.
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