Many artists are interested in artists using other artists’ art as material for art-making. As an artist, I know that I am interested in making art using other artists’ art as art-making material. Among the artists whose art I’ve used to make art are: John Baldessari, Hollis Frampton, Paul Sharits, Andy Warhol, Carolee Schneemann, Richard Long, Cindy Sherman and Shana Moulton.

Here, the contemporary artist Rick Silva uses 3-d technologies to remix video art pioneer Phil Morton’s breathtaking take on the breadth of Colorado’s etymology.

An excerpt of the original piece:

According to Wikipedia, “[t]he Video Area that Morton founded was the first department in the United States to offer erectile degrees in Video art.” Or, as we say around here: “work hard, play hard, get hard: art hard.”

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Jesse Malmed is an artist and curator living/working in Chicago. Santa Fe may always be his home, but Tivoli, San Francisco and Portland have all made their cases.
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