My Mom Bought Me This Shirt, When I Wear It I’m The Shit. >Really Not That Legit. My Mom Bought It.

Other cool phrases:
I’ll tell you what
darkest dolphin
why are the missiles called peacekeepers / when they’re aimed to kill?
ol’ stompin’ grounds
dumber than a whole jar full of dumb
like ugly on an ape
if you’ll be my bodyguard I will be your long lost pal
it was cool…like a video
pizza tacos
tacos pizza
shark ’em ups
I know, right?
yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
i heard a fly buzz when i died
shot through the heart, and you’re to blame (baby) you give love a bad name
bitches, man…bitches. Dudes, I gotta bail.

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5 Responses to My Mom Bought Me This Shirt, When I Wear It I’m The Shit. >Really Not That Legit. My Mom Bought It.

  1. BF says:

    point of fact: its not tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian casualties. its hundreds of thousands. something you wont see on the news once for every two hundred times you see the count of american soldier casualties…

  2. Taylor K says:

    r ritch,
    as anyone ever called you that before? I’m sure they have. I don’t know why I just typed “they”. like I’m referring to the disembodied spirits that live in your closet. when you go in to get that awesome shirt your mom bought for you they snap at you “r ritch!” what bastards!
    but anyway, I’m posting this not because I have any actual comments but because I finally today said to myself “I need to read r’s blog, every day…..” This was because snippets of it keep getting brought up in everyday conversation with people I know, and I keep having to say, “WUH?” And make a “WUH?” face. That’s the worst part about it. Making that face. It’s really not attractive.
    So here I am. Keep up the good work. I thought of applying to UCLA for grad school (library science) for two minutes, then decided I’d miss totally bleak, emo winters.
    Love on a pizza,
    Taylor K

  3. kim says:

    “your breath smells like 7 cans of shark shit.”
    that’s another good use of the word “shark.”

  4. chancel says:

    it is because “they” is the approaching singular gender neutral pronoun!
    good lord, the whole TA business. or “GSI” as they say at UM for some reason. I had a class where I essentially did exactly that. something like 80 students and JUST ME. it was sweet. plus the prof wanted to split the papers and then switch our piles and compare all our scores in great detail at eight in the morning. GOD.

  5. ro6ot says:

    cup o’ pizza.
    kinda doesn’t belong on the list, but is so boundary-defying that it ends up belonging anyways.

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