The Crowding of the Millions

The old man had to create a “Dada poem” for a class he’s taking. The assignment was to cut all the words out of a piece of writing “that you hate.” He cut up a letter Time Warner sent to its shareholders, and then we picked the words at random out of a bag and taped them to a piece of paper. What emerged was frankly astounding. I really think a new era of art is being heralded. I recommend reading it out loud in a very serious voice.

The Crowding of the Millions
We strengthened our balance restructuring of so many entertainment and information.
For Time Warner,
by bringing with the decision growth prospects
and the characters began important to sheet and
but best-clustered systems in the daily strategic achievements stayed the same.
At these significant broadcast viewers, the market
The crowding of the millions
In more depth, a single and computer Time Warner,
under one management of consumers,
1995 was a sense of all our initiatives
our international partners
events dear shareholders
The agreement the immediate measure
Our cable acquisitions understandably entertainment
The country’s top markets
Time Warner’s return to shareholders continued their long-term impact.
We bring we our animators add years that will in many of the remaining
received equity holders in turn to should Together,
around the world,
a year of superior changes.
Our cartoon library amid the operating structure shouldn’t to become our success in
into important
80% of Turner Broadcasting we now have the partnership.
Who the most
but before simplified our
They will help to come for our ITOCHU and Toshiba,
thanks to our entertainment properties and creative output
For example remember
Also by our brands our
We look for the best diminish
Year future that events attention.

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