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Psycho Marriage Therapy Race War

Reading this completely bonkers New Yorker article about marriage counseling and the eugenics movement, two things I had not previously realized were related. Apparently one of the leaders of the American eugenics movement, this psychopath named Paul Popenoe who admired … Continue reading

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Am I In Charge of Me or is my Brain?: Julian Jaynes Edition PART 3

Indeed! “What is mind in the Iliad?” File under: me no know. So, the earliest written speech that we have access to is cuneform and hieroglyphics from 3000 years ago, which Jaynes says are too ambiguous to talk confidently about … Continue reading

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Am I in Charge of me or is my Brain: Julian Jaynes Edition PART 2

Hello! When we left Julian Jaynes, he was talking about how if all that crazy stuff he said about your brain is true, then probably there could have existed a race of people (he said “men”) who sang songs and … Continue reading

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