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Foodies are stupid; Being less lazy is hard for me but at least I’m not eating an endangered species and describing it as having an orgasm

Well! I very much enjoyed this article, which friend Elizabeth pointed me to after my mild rant against the new hipster obsession with bacon. WHAT A SCATHING SCREED is this Atlantic Monthly book review! It’s not about hipster bacon but … Continue reading

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Mustaccios of our Times

Vlad the Impaler has simply got everyone talking: What are some of the worst mustaches of our times? There have been some bad ones, especially if you count “The 70’s” as “our times,” and even more especially if you count … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Me

Well I finally got sick. I haven’t been sick since 2005, so I feel okay about it. BUT THEN, in spite of the ire of my personal physician (Fiona M.D.), I cured myself using an utterly incomprehensible Ol’ Home Hippie … Continue reading

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