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Talking About Jobs In The Modern Marriage

“I’m applying to a job in St. Louis.” “Ok.” “Do you want to live in St. Louis?” “Not really.” “But you will, right?” “Oh yeah.” “St. Louis could be cool, right?” “…..” “We could finally see that big ol’ arch … Continue reading

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More Grad School Words

People are tearing it up in the comments! so many great graduate school words I forgot about. Keep posting them! Also if possible tell me what discipline you are from, because it’s hilarious to see how clusters of words adhere … Continue reading

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Grad School; Grad School Words

How Much Did I Love Grad School I loved grad school so much. I loved it so much! Whenever I met someone who complained about it I knew that they (a) had never had a real job and (b) were … Continue reading

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