90’s Man

Last night Gary and I discussed the TV series we want to make: “90’s Man,” in which a man frozen in a glacier in the 1990s is thawed out in the year 2012, and must cope with the strange alien world in which he finds himself.

The theme song would be “90’s Man” by The American People, a song written in 1993 or 94 by my friends Jake and Dave.

“I’ve got so much on my mind these days / like the issues at hand / spreading ‘cross the land, cause I’m a man within a global community / I’m a 90’s man”

Some plotlines:
– the 90’s man tries to buy a word processor
– the 90’s man receives a spam email he thinks is real; also in this episode he discusses the fact that the internet is a dumb passing fad
– the 90’s man experiences complicated responses to his era-specific conception of irony
– the 90’s man applies to be a new roommate in an anarchist vegan commune
– the 90’s man goes to the Gap and attempts to purchase very light-colored high-waisted jeans; charmed saleslady asks if he is going to a “90’s Party”; confused, he says yes and invites her along; Seinfeldian lie-snowballing hilarity ensues
– the 90’s man gets very excited about lattes, to the humorous consternation of his peers
– the 90’s man is briefly flummoxed by the sight of an iPad; is comforted by the sight of Newt Gingrich on national television
– entire episode devoted to the 90’s man attempting to find the hair gel he likes
– 90’s man keeps using “the dog from Frasier” as pop cultural reference
– friend discourage 90’s man from putting “grunge” in his list of musical “likes” on his okcupid profile
– in last episode of season, 90’s man meets 90’s woman wearing comical “Blossom” hat and floral-print button-down dress with white tights

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3 Responses to 90’s Man

  1. mokin says:

    yo, no joke, I think this could definitely be a show on actual TV.

    also: https://twitter.com/#!/nedroid/status/176102951968968704

  2. hannah says:

    Someone told me the dog from Frasier died on September 11 (in fact just a producer of Frasier died on September 11). I think that is a rumor with legs, though. Help spread it!

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