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two new advice posts over there at Advice, in case you missed it. Business is booming! Lets discuss chilling out and dealing with intransigent boyfriends!

“intransigent” is one of those wonderful words that sounds like what it means.

I just finished China MiĆ©ville’s Iron Council and totally sobbed. What an amazing book. And The Scar was also amazing. Why didn’t I like the first book in the trilogy? I need to go back and re-read it. It seemed too whimsical and like I couldn’t care about anything that happened in it. Whereas Iron Council is so dark and heavy. It’s about history, and capitalism, and about how Change is always coming but never arrives. I cried. Also there is a man with the body of a dinosaur.

I’ve been sitting on my duff for days, hammering out this stupid article that gets worse every time I even look at it. But it’s weird, it’s like it’s getting worse because I actually have a lot to say, which is unusual. My dissertation felt really straightforward, but this new article is like, this and this and this and this and oh god what about all this other contradictory stuff. I think right now it is egregiously naive and makes me sound like someone who just recently learned what a “boombox” is or something. Tinker, tinker, tinker, the scholar’s life.

It’s almost August. I can’t believe how time flies. Soon we’ll all be dead.

Infused liquors line my freezer shelves in fanciful bottles: vanilla, plum, jalapeno. Soon cherry. They are thick and bright and taste awesome. Sip them out of a heavy glass and stare out the window at the stupid squirrels.

I watched Jeff Who Lives At Home. It was really good, but marred, as almost every “indie drama” is, by its score, which was offensively twee. Why do they do it? I don’t need a cutesy marimba letting me know that Ed Helms crying really urgently is actually sweet/funny and that everything’s going to be okay later. Fuck you.

I made tortilla soup. It’s a labor of love, but once it’s over you’re so psyched.

The dog is a dummy.

Finally watched the last season of Breaking Bad, just in time for the new season to start and for us to not watch any of it until a year from now. What a good show. Walt is so disgusting, I almost can’t even look at his face. I wonder what Bryan Cranston thinks about that character, how he inhabits him, such a disgusting and pathetic human being. My brother heard an interview with Aaron Paul, who said every single time he says “yo” it’s in the script. No improvised “yo”s. I find this hilarious.

It’s high summer here, at last and delightfully. Hot days, sunshine, weird insects chirring in the grass. Summer here is wondrous, for it lasts exactly the right amount of time. Spring goes on and on and on, and summer doesn’t show up until mid July, and then just as you are finally really getting sick of how hot it is, it is autumn again. It is the perfect summer for pale wilting water dwellers such as I. And then autumn is so spectacular, you can’t believe what a joy it is to be alive on such a crazy planet.

The snoopy lies dreaming and shuddering at my feet.

Have you re-watched Office Space lately? You should!

Off to the races

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3 Responses to bips and bops

  1. eileen says:

    Infusions! Two words: STRAWBERRY TEQUILA. Also I got ahold of some green blank walnuts and the black walnut schnapps is now in swing. The vodka turned seriously dark forest green just at the top of the jar! Why? OXIDATION, of course. Also walnut oil floating on the surface! Weird business for certain sure.

  2. dalas v says:

    I watched “Horrible Bosses,” because I like the actors in it. They definitely did a good job, but the script was obviously awful and offensive.

    But the best part of that movie was the bass player on the soundtrack. It was ridiculous. Just the goofiest “bass version of the hijinks transpiring on screen” playing. Most of my laughs during that movie came from picturing him (pretty much just picturing Forkner, actually) in the studio, with shades on, watching the movie on screen and just connecting so deep.

  3. kim says:

    Although Walt has obviously gone too far, I am still sympathetic to him in some ways. I am sympathetic to his determination, his ambition, his desperation. Obviously, I am not sympathetic to his willingness to kill people and poison children. I am not sympathetic to his willingness to hurt people in order to get what he wants, including his own business partner.

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