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Things That Happened and are Happening

Graded my first stack of papers. It took two days. 2 page paper x 53 = two days of grading, but the required page numbers go up with each assignment, so by the end of the semester I’ll be grading … Continue reading

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More fun realizations

I’ve had another realization! For all my adult life, whenever I have company or am company at someone else’s house, I have these dreadful mornings because I wake up 3-5 hours before anyone else (especially after a fun late night … Continue reading

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Language Processing

Here is the dinner I ate last night: sweet and crunchy 7-grain bread with fancy stoneground mustard and sharp cheddar cheese, melted, plus tomato soup, a pile of arugula, and two garlic stuffed olives. What? No biggie, just a regular … Continue reading

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