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bread pudding, hurricanes, dying of old age, and hot toddies

yesterday I got in the car and turned it on, just in time to hear a fancy-voiced woman begin a very passionate monologue about savory bread pudding. “You can put whatever you want in there,” she said. She said you … Continue reading

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fun new post over at Advice. This one’s not about romance, but about religion and mysticism! Fun stuff. Reading liveblogging of Hurricane Sandy is stressing me out A LOT. Tonight I want to watch “The Little Girl Who Lived Down … Continue reading

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Starts off being about bacteria and turns into a crazy hippie rant directed at western medicine and The New Yorker

Just read the New Yorker about bacteria. It confirmed my lifelong nonchalance about germs as basically being an appropriate stance, the disgust of my husband notwithstanding. I’m just not that stressed out about germs. I’m not one of these people … Continue reading

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