fun new post over at Advice. This one’s not about romance, but about religion and mysticism! Fun stuff.

Reading liveblogging of Hurricane Sandy is stressing me out A LOT.

Tonight I want to watch “The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane,” a 1976 movie starring Martin Sheen and a 13 year old Jodie Foster. Will my video store have it? I doubt it. What recourse, then, shall I have? Does anyone have any ideas?

my grandfather died, and Jacques Barzun died. I am super happy about one and super sad about the other. If that’s fucked up then sue me.

I am missing my big conference to go to the funeral. I’ve never been to a funeral before. That’s life in modern middle-class America for you. last night I read an article about an Iraqi family who were trying to drive to their house and American marines opened fire and killed every male member of the family and wounded everybody else. Then one of the marines later felt bad about it (“bad” perhaps a rude understatement when describing crippling PTSD) and spent years tracking down the family, and then went and asked them for forgiveness, and they gave it to him because they’re Christians and they try to hold themselves to those tenets. They told him “we all make mistakes.” Then he felt better, I guess? It’s so fucked up that he put that on them, that he went to them to ask them to help him feel better about how he murdered everyone they loved for no reason. At the same time their willingness to forgive him and see his humanity is frankly stunning. I am 100% certain that I would not be capable of it. So reading this I was bawling, and for several conflicting reasons. What the fuck kind of a fucked up world even is this. Is there anything more inane than war? Just these big dumb guys firing 1,000 rounds a minute into a street for no reason, no one understanding what they’re doing or why, no one in charge. Just flying thousands of big dumb guys over to a country they know nothing about and telling them to fire machine guns at everyone they see, just in case one of them is a terrorist (literally what their orders boiled down to). Then later they come home and feel bad and murder their wives or something, or become dreadful heroin addicts. And then the army is like “oh you feel bad? Dishonorable discharge, you pussy, have fun being homeless.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but this is a GREAT country!

In other news I’m reading John Cage’s “Silence” for the first time, and I’ve also made a promise to go see more classical music around town, and I’ve also committed to reading scholarship at night instead of fiction or Zelda at least half the time. So that’s a new leaf for yours truly.

this picture kind of makes me want to have babies:

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  1. james says:

    That picture is a terrific reason to have babies! But hopefully yours would have feet instead of hands at the end of their legs. As an adult I wouldn’t mind hand feet, but it would be an awful affliction for a child to suffer. Playing the harp would be awesome though. I also cried while listening to that Iraq story while driving to work. Try not to watch too much Sandy news… it can be unhealthy.

  2. Missy says:

    Looks like “The Little Girl…” is on Youtube:

    (I didn’t actually check to see if all the parts are there, but some of them are, at least!)

  3. Some blog reading Person. says:

    The other week on Fresh Air Terry Gross had a duel interview with the Feeling Bad marine-guy, as well as Dexter Filkins. This story is of course super-sad and crazy, but it ends in some weird ways. You could listen to the story, or I could just tell you some things like… when the daughter was in the hospital RIGHT after being shot in this terrible happening, she met the man she would marry. He said that he could hear her crying all all all night, so he gave the nurse some money and was like, “Please! Get that lady some painkillers.” The world is so weird. It seems like reasonable recourse it to simply put some rubber gloves on your feet and take a nap.

  4. Eileen says:

    Hope you’re doing ok, duder! I just got a new (i.e. old) Jacques Barzun book at the used store a couple days ago. “On writing, editing, and publishing,” complete with Oxford comma in the title.

    Also the bacterial therapy stuff is SUPER interesting & I now must find this article.

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