Flippy and Hambone

New advice is up at Advice! I’d really love you people to chime in over there, because this person could use some crowd-sourcing.

And two new posts on I Saw That! Fun times at the movies!

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday! I’m gonna eat so many things made out of cornbread that you’re not going to fucking believe it. And I’m going to drink fake egg nog with bourbon in it. And I’m going to eat cranberry sauce, motherfuckers! And pie. And I shall sing the songs of my forefathers and there shall be great love betwixt all the lovers of the land.

I have to spend the entire break grading papers, and I won’t even finish by the end of it, I know it. I also have to read an entire book and thing of smart things to say about it. But who cares, because STUFFING.

Good day sir

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Ok, but when you say “New post at Advice, go there” you should include the bloody LINK to it. There’s no link to this mythical/mystical “Advice” anywhere on yr page.

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