The Besties

Thinking back on a year is hard. You forget when stuff happened. I keep thinking Inglourious Basterds was whatever year I’m currently in, even though it was years ago at this point. I can’t remember if I read House of Leaves this year or last year. It’s a good exercise, to try to sum up your personal year in some lists. Here are mine. Some of them are things from this actual calendar year and some of them are things I happened to encounter this calendar year, even though they themselves are from previous calendar years.

Best Books I Read This Year:
– Turn of the Screw
– the Pale King
– Bach’s Cycle, Mozart’s Arrow: An Essay on the Origins of Musical Modernity
– The Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning
– Chateaubriand’s memoirs

My favorite movies that got released in 2012:
– Cabin in the Woods
– Moonrise Kingdom
– Safety Not Guaranteed
– Celeste and Jesse Forever
– The Master
– Argo
– Django Unchained (I assume)

Best things I ate this year:
– Lovelies 50/50
– heirloom apples, specifically the ashmeads kernal
– that cart on Mississippi with the fried egg sandwich
– cauliflower with lime and cilantro and curry that I make
– late night Sizzle Pie with the crazy salad
– Sweedeedee breakfast

The people who died this year and it actually made me cry:
– Jacques Barzun

Best music I heard in 2012
– Gregory Spears, Requiem
– Julia Holter, Ekstasis
– White Rainbow, TRICK SHOT
– Jib Kidder, Steal Guitars

Best things I learned about this year:
– contemporary art music
– Virginia Woolf

Things I enjoyed least this year:
– Skyfall
– hormone problems
– the run-up to the election
– the time I had to pick up my dog’s poop in a tin can

Things I tried to get better at this year:
– going out at night (mixed results)
– being less uptight (mixed results)
– being more compassionate (poor results)
– reading boring stuff instead of novels (ok results)
– tarot cards (good results)

Things I meant to try to get better at this year but then didn’t even try:
– French
– Lasik
– writing songs again
– piano

Things I want to do in the New Year:
– learn what spotify is and maybe start using it
– revise my article
– get back into yoga slowly
– study French
– wear sunscreen every day
– finally learn how to bake bread

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3 Responses to The Besties

  1. Gavin says:

    Jacques would have been touched. I am.

  2. Mary R. says:

    Bonne chance avec le français, combien de temps avez-vous été à l’étudier?

  3. mokin says:

    Have you read the new Dark Tower book? The SK buff at the AV Club really liked it.

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