Does Everyone Just Feel Weird All Of The Time

On my first fully free day of vacation I spent like six hours dealing with some deeply intense job-related drama that I would not wish on my worst enemy (not true, I would definitely wish it on Anthony Lane, it would probably be good for him), then went to Steve’s house and complained about it for roughly two full hours, after which he bought me, my husband, and his girlfriend (Steve’s, not my husband’s) dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and I ate two full five-course meals and went to sleep at 9:30.


I bought two mini croissants and a cup of coffee four hours ago and only one croissant has been eaten and there’s still half a cup of freezing coffee in that cup


At Powells with Sarah:
“We didn’t feed the snoopy this morning because he barfed last night”
“[appalled silence]”
“[questioning look]”
“…because he BARKED?”
“No, BARFED. I don’t think he would understand that level of punishment”

Then Sarah bought: Emily Dickinson collection, Wolf Hall, the second Game of Thrones, something I forget, and a book about shrubs

And I barfed because it was such a cool pile of books

And then I bought fancy ravioli and cooked it for my old man


We watched all of Season 1 of “Girls” in one sitting. Verdict: I declare this pizza to be AWESOME


Django Unchained is FUCKING incredible, and I wish Anthony Lane would fall in a hole and get stuck down there and have to live the rest of his life in a Japanese lady’s house, shoveling sand (tight reference, yeah, I took Japanese Lit in Translation in college, #nobigdeal). New Tarantino is to the middle third of my life what Wes- and Paul Thomas Anderson were to the first third.

There is a very cool subtext/plot moment in Django that spoke directly to me as someone who studies 19th century music. SPOILER ALERT There’s a scene where Christoph Waltz has been humiliated by a monstrous slave owner and is brooding while the slave owner gloats. He’s meanwhile listening to someone playing a Beethoven sonata, badly, on a harp, and I was thinking “oh damn, that Beethoven is going to make him snap,” and I was right, he snapped, and yelled “Would you please stop playing BEETHOVEN!” and then gathered his wits and destroyed the slave owner, both intellectually and literally, in the form of shooting him. But so, he couldn’t bear to hear this symbol of German Heroic Individualism in this grim horrific plantation owner’s house; he couldn’t bear to be humiliated and cowed in front of Beethoven, symbol of all he felt was superior about his homeland (he’s marked throughout the film as very into German Romantic mythology and stuff; as an outsider encountering this dreadful American stuff with puzzlement). So the Beethoven sonata actually caused the climax of the film, because of individuality! Suck on that, Anthony Lane. Go talk about Tina Fey’s boobs some more, you piece of shit.

Anthony Lane makes David Denby look like Mother Teresa, in terms of not being a total piece of shit. And I never thought I’d say those words. You see what he has brought me to.

2013 is all about changing my nemesis from Denby to Lane. MARK YOUR CALENDARS


Shopping for cheap wool blankets.


Have you heard about THIS?? It’s 212 tracks of music from Twin Peaks. Incidental music. Interstitial music. The music playing in the background of all the scenes. Just saying. We listened to it at Phil and Geneviève’s house recently and it is everything you could possibly wish for. Love all those “Freshly Squeezed” variations, e.g.


I am feeling tense on an unusually deep plane of my existence. Epic baths with incense and soothing music followed by yoga is not helping; I’m at a loss! I think I should drive out to the gorge and take a mud walk through nature with my stupid dog, maybe dive in a river like some dumb macho character in a movie. That sounds like just the ticket.


After a somewhat stressful holiday season and a heavy therapy session with Katy, we three (old man, Katy, myself) went to LASER BOB MARLEY at the science museum and it was easily the best means to catharsis I have ever experienced; we laughed so hard; Katy sang loudly throughout; all three of us cried during Redemption Song. There was no one else in the planetarium, hardly. It was loud as hell and I just felt great. Five stars. The next time you have a stressful christmas, make a beeline for whatever LASER show is playing at your local planetarium, and you will not be sorry.


Anybody else see that insane Billy Corgan interview with that weird local libertarian talk show dude? WOW

In conclusion: Remember Billy Corgan?

After watching it, the old man googled and told me Corgan is 45 and somehow that seemed so harsh to me. I went “Oooh,” and the old man said “it’s a hard age.”

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8 Responses to Does Everyone Just Feel Weird All Of The Time

  1. Marijke says:

    Woman in the Dunes, cool ref, cool movie. I also loved The Box Man, did you read that one?

  2. Kim says:

    Girl! I love that show.

  3. Allie says:

    Please advise re: why Anthony Lane is shitty, and also good resources for cheap wool blankets.

  4. B C says:

    As a critical theorist/scholar, do you think Tarantino is even conscious of the many many layers this Beethoven scene had? I’m from a critical theory background myself and feel it would be impossible to write a scene without thinking about what it would mean (or I’d never be able to STOP thinking about its many meanings). Then lately I’ve been reading from Lynch on Lynch, and amongst various interviews with him, and there’s always some guy being like, “How was it that the scene where the blonde actually winds up symbolizing the verbalized choice hence power shift the other character has not yet made through the pantomime of this 1960s pop song…” and Lynch is just like, “oh yes, that was just a scene I sat down and wrote after a nap, and I really think that’s such a nice little song,” and then I wonder has he just subsumed everything into his subconscious and is just pulling constantly from that? Tarantino seems too aware, but you never know…how does this stuff even work?

  5. Miranda says:

    DUDE!!!!!!! Thanks for the tip re: The Twin Peaks Archive!!!

  6. Steve Schroeder says:

    Billy Corgan was on Alex Jones’ show.
    Jones is not just a local dude by any stretch. He has a national radio show thats been on for years. He just made national news for his “debate” with Piers Morgan on CNN about gun control and for trying to get Piers Morgan deported.
    He’s a big deal.
    Leading conspiracy theorist.

  7. Sarah says:

    Book shopping with you is so fun it made me want to barf!

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