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Marie Antoinette

Well! In a marathon late-night session I finally finished Stefan Zweig’s famous biography of Marie Antoinette: The Portrait of an Average Woman. As his post-colonic suggests, Zweig’s primary thesis is that the Queen was a thoroughly mediocre woman made great … Continue reading

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Ten Years Is Almost A Third of My Life (Or Something, Anyway It Seems Like A Lot)

MEMORY LANE Well, yesterday marked our official ten year anniversary. I’m not usually much of one for making a big deal out of anniversaries–and you know those couples that, like, celebrate their six month anniversary and stuff? Reminds me of … Continue reading

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Lolly Willowes sorry

Yes, I can’t find that entry either! I must’ve deleted it but I don’t know why. Maybe it also included ramblings about my hatred of procreation and/or death and dying in contemporary America, the two topics I am most wishy-washy … Continue reading

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