Paper Comments

– Weird…part of human experience? Have played a major role, maybe?
– Nice!
– ?
– Disjointed ideas
– a “book of the old testament” can’t be “a culture”
– well, but he does talk to women. He has that long conversation with Sara about her getting pregnant
– yes true
– is this not true?
– teacher vs. organizer!
– please be consistent with capitalizations
– do you mean literally God? If not, then who does this serve
– Bold! Too informal
– good
– ?
– capitalized, or not?
– there’s no commandment against coveting your neighbor!!
– yes
– are they? Sometimes they differ a lot
– How so? How does NT make this easier than OT?
– How are these two quotes different?
– Hmmm…not sure about this
– what? the idea of suffering, or this quote from John?
– how does this paragraph demonstrate that life isn’t fair
– rarely need hyperbolic intensifiers like this
– No, it’s an insult against the Pharisees, who PURPORT to speak from Moses’ seat
– interesting! But I’m not sure the New Testament ever sees Moses’ actions as “crude” or “embarrassing”
– Good
– yes
– a theme, by definition, is something that repeats
– yes
– awesome
– fun
– does he attend to the dead in the Old Testament, though?
– wonderful opening!
– thus, do you think God is more humanized in the NT even though we hardly ever see him?
– slippage: are you comparing God/Abraham or Jesus/Abraham or what
– yes!
– nice transition
– this exclusivity isn’t present in the other Gospels
– be consistent with capitalization
– cool title!
– very interesting!
– similar patterns ARE textual evidence
– specifically of Jesus
– confusing
– no, the Hebrews
– you should talk about Herrod trying to kill Jesus
– also, it turns the text of the whole Bible ITSELF into a teleological narrative!!
– yes, rather than fear
– Good! Clear!
– I love this, but you never really end up explaining it
– How? Tell me! What difference does it make–betrayal as necessary fulfillment of prophecy vs. accidental betrayal
– nevermind
– if “Jesus and his teachings” is what “the story” is about, then it’s a singular subject
– re-hashing from your last paper
– not exactly! this implies the modern state of Israel
– strange phrase
– just call him God–it’s like “God” is his name
– this doesn’t seem related–God as destructive force of Nature vs. God as guardian of new idea of “Heaven”
– Good!
– not sure I’d describe either that way, exactly…
– Ok, I see what you’re doing
– they were definitely Jews
– the law in its purest expression; the fully-fledged law


– gregorian chant is often used in 1980s raver trance music!
– great point
– gross!
– omg
– this is so upsetting
– ugh
– evocative!
– you’re killing me with this research
– also never forget Kenny G got his start playing for LIBERACE
– creepy!
– nice
– nice!
– confusing
– ?? what does this sentence mean
– like organum!
– yes–a kind of secular religion, but remember these songs were explicitly not about god
– I love this idea that mixtape technology allows us all to be troubadours
– my youth!
– Elton John is NOT “punk”
– well, I think anti-GMO activists do have specific worries they articulate
– like Mary Wollstonecraft!!!!!
– you’re slipping between definitions–sometimes you equate “virtuosity” with “artistry” and other times you seem to oppose them
– Stevie Wonder!!
– weird footnote
– where are you getting this?
– well, but there’s no evidence that they played “fast” or that they valued “technical difficulty”
– you’re blowing my mind with these terms!
– god, if only
– what about women?
– oh nevermind
– sounds great
– So is it like in Soviet Russia the entire citizenry becomes Socrates?

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4 Responses to Paper Comments

  1. Renee says:

    “Elton John is NOT ‘punk'” – Gold.

  2. pmg says:

    I just can’t get over the fact that you are now a bible teacher. Maybe you could earn some extra money leading study groups at your local megachurch?

  3. yelena says:

    That thing about Soviet Russia is totally true.

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