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Cinematic Representations of Contemporary Angst

We watched All is Lost last night. We’re in such an odd/interesting cultural moment. All is Lost basically has the same takeaway as Godzilla, if you can believe it. These movies about the individual’s total helplessness in the face of … Continue reading

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Adulthood, Danner Boots, and Quality Notebooks

Things I like about being a grown-ass woman (by “grown-ass” I mean “over 30”): – eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Get up in the middle of the night and eat pickles; no one dares tell you not to. … Continue reading

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The new Godzilla is amazing. What an incredible look into our cultural moment! I can’t stop thinking about it. Spoiler Alert for this whole post, deal with it ————GODZILLA—————BRAVE BEAST This new rock ’em sock ’em blockbuster is so much … Continue reading

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