I’m going to stop talking about how much work I have to do. I’ve made this promise before. I will try to stick to it. I’m like a chocoholic, but with talking about work.

talking about being overworked : conversations : : _______________:______________
(a) napalm : forest
(b) sleeping pills : the human body
(c) a murderer : a murder victim
(d) all of the above

The thing is, there is plenty of time to get all the work done. You just do it. You don’t get on Facebook or check your email or twitter. You just do the work with focus and panache and then go to the gym, it’s not a big deal, you have an awesome life. For example, today I am not working at all, but rather making an apple pie and going to a dinner party.

“I think professors only complain about being overworked because they waste too much time on the internet. I bet Oliver Strunk never complained about his job workload.”

“Yeah but his wife did literally all the other work in his life for him.”


Note to self: stop comparing your life to those of famous professors of past eras, who lived like kings.

famous professors of past eras : current anxious junior faculty : :__________:__________
(a) Kim Kardashian’s butt : people with body dysmorphia
(b) billionaires : resentful millionaires
(c) daddys : sons
(d) all of the above

Conversation I listened to at the coffee shop yesterday:

“There are some things too serious to quibble about morality or innocent lives being lost”
“Uh huh.”
“Any city where ISIS is hiding, we just gotta nuke it.”
“nuke it?”
“Yeah, we just gotta nuke the entire city. I’m not saying it’s a great solution; I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a terrible thing. But some dangers are just too huge to worry about that stuff.”
“I mean, unless it’s Paris or something.”
“Ha ha! Right, right”
“But of course, it WOULDN’T be Paris. It’d be some city in, you know, ‘Pakistan’ or wherever.”
“Uh huh”

(when the first guy got up to leave, I saw he was carrying a Malcolm Gladwell book. NO COMMENT)

overheard coffee shop conversations : my sense of well-being : : a nuclear bomb : a city

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  1. Ericka says:

    One time my lady and I were eating in a diner and a fellow in the booth behind me was expressing his fed-up-ness with historically marginalized groups complaining about their historical marginalization. “I mean,” he said, “everyone’s been genocided at SOME point.”

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