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I Was Gonna Read This Marxist Book About Women Rebelling Against Un-Waged Social Reproductive Work But All I Got Were These Eight Thousand Emails From Students Who Want To Enroll In An Already-Full Class

My Time Breakdown: – 8,000,000 hours a day: writing back to students who email me asking only one of two things: * please can I override the school’s enrollment system because they waited too long to register for classes and … Continue reading

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Oh man. Alex has just alerted me to the fact that it has now been TEN YEARS since I posted my fabled journal, kept while “in training” at a cell phone call center in 2004. And actually the journal was … Continue reading

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It happened! It got cold. I know this is the tip of the iceberg (har har) in terms of weather but it is already colder than your average Pac-NW winter’s day and there is something thrilling to me about the … Continue reading

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