This is the kind of shit I have to contend with now

Screenshot 2015-02-17 10.03.52

instant assessment of student understanding, huh? You mean like when you ask “did you guys understand that?” and they tell you if they did or not? My god this will revolutionize education

make teaching more fun for me, huh? I am not sure you have any idea what kinds of things I find “fun” and “not fun” about my job. Lets just say that “constantly adding random new technology to my pedagogy” does not fall under the “fun” heading.

interact with my students through their own devices, huh? Oh sorry I just barfed

I love that I got this after grading 22 free-write exercises in which fully half of my students, un-prompted, wrote very eloquently about how much they yearn to live in a time before cell phones and the internet.

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One Response to This is the kind of shit I have to contend with now

  1. dv says:

    Yeah, cell phones and the Internet ruined everything :(

    Also, as someone who writes email copy for tech companies, I really really hate this style of jokesy arrogance.

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