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Life Day

Well, we made it about one month before abandoning our whole concept of taking Saturdays off. We call Saturday “Life Day,” and in September we made a solemn promise to one another (we actually shook hands on it) that we … Continue reading

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bathtub report

Bathtub! It’s so gratifying to learn that some of you are worried about this issue. Especially now that it is 50 degrees out and falling fast. Well, we didn’t “fix” it, per se, but we did figure out what the … Continue reading

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Local Newspapers, Report-Generating, Matchbox 20, Trump Lawn Signs, and Oliver Sacks

It turns out to be hard to write all the scintillating blog entries I think about in my head all day long when I have no internet in my home. The experiment is going well, though, really. Aside from a … Continue reading

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