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Okay y’all, so after being brutally schooled in my comments section I decided to give the dishwasher another good old college try, because I pride myself on being open to criticism and to the idea that I am wrong, and in fact, in my professional life, at least, “feeling constantly like I am wrong” is pretty much my status quo, so why not let that same feeling of total inadequacy bleed into my regular life too? So say all of us!

Anyway, this knowledgable-seeming lady schooled me re: dishwashers. According to her:
– you aren’t supposed to rinse stuff before putting it in (my main beef)
– dishwashers use way less water than hand washing (another main beef)
– if used correctly, dishwashers don’t leave streaks of dried-on food on dishes (my secret actual main beef)

So I thought, wow! IF all these things are true, THEN I am open to using my dishwasher (<---that's a "hypothesis"). I told my old bearded gentleman about my brutal schooling and he said "whoa!" I said we should try with more good faith to use our dishwasher and see if the schooling was correct and just. He said okay. So, we filled up the dishwasher with un-rinsed dishes, carefully loaded it correctly, started it up, and waited to see what would happen. The results were inconclusive and thus I have some more questions for Jaclyn the Brutal Schooler (or indeed for anyone who feels that a dishwasher performs its job well): - Is it just normal that the dishwasher randomly leaves 4-6 things totally disgustingly dirty (like, one glass, a single fork, etc.) while excellently washing everything else? I mean so is it normal that you unload the dishwasher and place 4-6 things back in the sink for hand-washing, each time? Or does this mean I am still doing something wrong - I guess that is my only question

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3 Responses to More Dishwasher Stuff

  1. dv says:

    Sometimes that happens, but not every time. I really do recommend the Cascade Platinum pacs, because the other ones left lots of food on things. You also get better at arranging the stuff for maximum cleaning as you learn the washer’s quirks.

  2. ericka says:

    Gotta recommend here the excellent home economics book Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson. It’s giant and thorough. She speaks at length about washing dishes by hand and by machine. I waited months to check it out from the library, and when it came it was eye-wideningly good! I asked everyone to buy it for me for my birthday or Christmas; no one did.
    Because I live in NYC and am not in the 1%, I do not have a dishwasher. I use my dishwashing time to meditate, to do Kegels, to mentally run through my to-do list, and to grab some precious Introvert Time. Not all simultaneously.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve read that the key is knowing how to load your specific dishwasher correctly, as detailed in the owner’s manual. A magical person named Joe Clark uploaded ALL the diagrams for EVERY BRAND in existence here:

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