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Getting Schooled: THE REVENANT

I’ve been once again wonderfully schooled in my comments! I really like how smart and articulate my readers are; I will choose to believe this means I am doing something to attract such people, which reflects well upon me, even … Continue reading

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Mariah Blow My Love To Me I Need My Gal Beside Me

A way up here, they got a name for rain and wind and fire the rain is jack, the fire is tess but they call the wind mariah You guys good lord! The wind blew up in the night, just … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Dollar, Where Does It All End

It’s a new year! LAST YEAR Last year–which due to my profession I can’t help sort of blobbily thinking of as Fall semester 2015-Fall semester 2016–a lot of shit happened. You get to a point in your life where you … Continue reading

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