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You Say Potato I say Podcast

The only sincere New Year’s Resolution I made this year was “say people’s names more often.” As many of you no doubt know, and have even experienced for yourselves, I have mild face blindness. I don’t know if it’s neurological … Continue reading

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Long Days, Boomer Parodies, and Tom Cruise’s Penis

It has been a long week! I’m so happy it’s Friday (the lesser-known acronym ISHIF) and not only Friday but a Friday with no meetings or oral exams. Huzzah! I am finally back in my office (coffee shop) drinking an … Continue reading

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Creatures of the Earth

I am choosing to believe my suddenly poor work ethic is due to the fact that it feels so much like spring outside. They are tapping the sugar maples! In early February! It’s what everyone says when the subject of … Continue reading

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