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A Manifesto for Using Technology to Fight Against The Inhuman Nature of Technology

AKA Zuckerberg’s Lament, More words. More reading. More thinking. More human.

It is with some sadness we announced our recent problems and subsequent dismissal of Peter Zuckerdude’s famous FACERBRICK website and deli shop. While we detest the social aspects of FACEINGBRICK he has the best pastrami on rye on the east coast, and you know how much we love pastrami.

But you know the old children’s rhyme: every time God closes a door, an angel falls to the earth, deader than shit. As inappropriate as the language is, we feel the sentiment applies here. For we, as God, have closed the door on Zuckerdude, but fear not, for a dead angel (technology!) has fallen at our doorstep with tidings of joy.

You can’t shake an oak tree without reading about the recent trend of “MAILING LISTS.” The New York Times, the New Yorker, and even the New York Post seem to all be lusting after the new girl on the social media scene. Everyone from the President Almighty himself to the lowliest singer/songwriter seems to have a MAILING LIST. The idea is dirt simple: We send the SAME email to a lot of people, thus enabling a broadcast form of publishing not unlike the radio age of our great-godparents.

The benefits are clear. We will send an email on a monthly or so basis and if people like you want to reply that would be fantastic. It’s like a FARCEBOOK made of one person’s very, very, very, long updates.

So this is our proposal to you. We will write a typically brilliant and insightful email and then send it out. You people will receive it in your inbox. We may write to it daily, weekly, or monthly. Think of it as a supplement to this Web Log you currently read. While much of the internet tubes are shrinking content (Twitter, FACORBROCK, ETC.COM) our push is for more.

More words. More reading. More thinking. More human.

As a spark for internet revolution it might never catch on, but let this be the point where we declare ourselves the over caffeinated contras of the Twitter. Fuck 140 characters. Fuck 140 words. Fuck 140 pages! We wrote 206! SUCK ON THAT ZUCKERJERK!

With love and admiration, we humbly submit to you this MAILING LIST sign up form.*


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*This was written by a third party but is endorsed by the author of this blog.

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