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Spring is here / the lilacs bloomed and died already

I recently had a fun yogurt breakthrough that I’m excited about. I have been making all our yogurt for a year now, and it’s easy and fine. As with all such projects, you know, there is a lot of googling … Continue reading

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“To Stonk or Not to Stonk”: Stock Market Advice From An Anarchist Who Doesn’t Know Anything

Two dearly beloved longtime readers/actual human friends who are also real-life life partners who live together posted SIMULTANEOUSLY YET UNBEKNOWNST TO ONE ANOTHER on my last entry, asking me for, of all things, stock market advice! Well, one of them … Continue reading

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What a Tangled Web we Weave

Hi y’all It’s been like a week of nonstop gross weather and I am starting to feel the burn, of Covid life I guess. The burn of the onrushing online semester I deeply dread; the burn of isolation from humanity; … Continue reading

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