YACHT on the way to Europe – April 7th 4:50am

Nicole Georges & Katy Davidson of Sister Spit on the way to the SF Bay Area – April 7th 6:05pm

A new project! For the last few years I’ve taken many friends to or picked them up from the airport as I live somewhat close to the airport, don’t mind this task, and don’t mind waking up to do it for early flights. I have a pretty reliable track record, as well! I realized recently why I like this task: It is lucky to be the person who sends a friend off for adventure with a smile or to be the first person someone sees as they return weary and excited to be back in their home place or to be picking up a visitor. You can reduce stress levels for these people and be a great ambassador for your town. So, I decided recently I need to document this process in my life. So, if you are in Portland or coming to Portland get ahold of me (steve at statesrightsrecords dot com) and I will drop you off or pick you up. These are both from the same day! Double duty.


Luggage Struggles

Steve Schroeder

May 7th, 2010