YACHT on the way to Europe – April 7th 4:50am

Nicole Georges & Katy Davidson of Sister Spit on the way to the SF Bay Area – April 7th 6:05pm

A new project! For the last few years I’ve taken many friends to or picked them up from the airport as I live somewhat close to the airport, don’t mind this task, and don’t mind waking up to do it for early flights. I have a pretty reliable track record, as well! I realized recently why I like this task: It is lucky to be the person who sends a friend off for adventure with a smile or to be the first person someone sees as they return weary and excited to be back in their home place or to be picking up a visitor. You can reduce stress levels for these people and be a great ambassador for your town. So, I decided recently I need to document this process in my life. So, if you are in Portland or coming to Portland get ahold of me (steve at statesrightsrecords dot com) and I will drop you off or pick you up. These are both from the same day! Double duty.


Luggage Struggles

Steve Schroeder

May 7th, 2010

3 responses to “Airport Ambassador #1 – YACHT, Sister Spit”

  1. molly says:

    i want so much for you to be my portland ambassador! Someday!

  2. ritchey says:

    this is a great service, a great project, and so far some great people involved with it. Great photos. Great looking subjects. Not to mention a great airport! Great.

  3. ng says:

    thanks for the ride to the airport! what you may have missed is my karate kick to the handle of the suitcase, breaking it in half but magically rendering it healed and functional!

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