Monte Sano Pool

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3609 Georgetta Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801

An old childhood friend broke the news to me tonight that he was getting a divorce. So we got supernaturally stoned at his house, loaded up a cooler of beer and headed to the pool. Didn’t talk too much about it after that.

Monte sano Pool is a super-charming Norman Rockwell-esque facility that, should, for all its glorious scenic advantages perched as it as on top of a small foothill of the appalachian mountains, and possessing a gorgeous view of the rolling hills surrounding Huntsville, be plagued with the class trappings of a country club. But it’s not, it’s always just folks there. Folks, and like every elementary school teacher that I ever had, and every parent of every childhood friend. Luckily I availed myself of some glovebox-issue visine on the way in. I think I held it together pretty well.

We cracked the beers and started talking trucks. I respect the particular nature of the good old boy wisdom located on this mountain. Truck people, but really utilitarian and smart about it. Although my friend and another respected guru asked me the same thing.

“You been looking into SUVs at all?”

We watched Bonnaroo streamed live to a friend’s HDTV until like 3 in the morning.


Posted: June 8, 2012

Author: marcus

Category: Alabama, Huntsville, Locations


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