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8151 South Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, AL 35802

Stopped by this “sell ur own” used car lot on the way down south parkway with mom. This time I scanned for trucks and SUVs. Also found a Volvo wagon. 2001 V70 XC with 90k miles. $6,000.

I called the number left on the dash and set up a test drive. Later that afternoon I met a Jamaican guy back on the lot and he got out of his car while talking on his cell, walked over to me, and dropped the key in my hand without making eye contact or breaking stride in his phone conversation.

I loved the way it drove but noticed a small lurch in the engine while idling. Felt suspiciously like a timing belt issue, which is the absolute very last thing I need to deal with before driving some near 4,000 miles across the country towing a trailer. Asked him what he could tell me about timing belt maintenance and he kept cutting me off saying, “this a good car man!”



Posted: June 9, 2012

Author: marcus

Category: Alabama, Huntsville, Locations


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