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Johnson City‎
Texas, 78636

We didn’t go out of our way to visit the hometown of Lyndon B. Johnson but the Welcome sign was damned charming and it coincided nicely with our need for a bite to eat. Did anyone else read that New Yorker excerpt from book, like, nine of Master of the Senate, the multi-volume bio on Lyndon B. Johnson? I did, recently, and it was riveting.

Pretty sure he would scarcely recognize Johnson City today, what with all the galleries and barns painted with pastel murals and repurposed for casual-to-fine-dining experiences. Most of it was closed for lunch though, which was nearly eerie. We found a brewery and I had a delicious flight of local beers.

The smaller the town, the deeper the mark left on it by its brushes with national zeitgeist. I wonder how the local teens feel about the LBJ cardboard cutouts at the local gas station? Should have bought a postcard.


Posted: June 24, 2012

Author: marcus

Category: Locations


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