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Orchard Hurricane

  When the land feels too large I head to the orchard.  Yes, the orchard is four times the size of my vegetable plot.  But the trees are countable.  The nectarines end and apricots begin.  The apricots end where the … Continue reading

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Catalog, compound, medicate, repeat

Though my vegetable field is only an acre, the land can feel vast and uncomfortably large.  The mountain range in the west (whose name nobody seems to know) sits far in the distance from my small plot and on summer … Continue reading

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The Twelve Soil Orders

At its most basic level, the world’s soil falls into just twelve groups. Gelisols, Histosols, Spotosols, Andisols, Oxisols, Vertisols, Ardisols, Ultisols, Mollisols, Alfisols, Inceptisols, Entisols—the Twelve Soil Orders sound to me like an alliance, sitting about a round table and … Continue reading

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lighten the load

Much of my farming experience thus far has been about the path of least resistance.  At times, the least resistance means something as simple as taking fewer trips back and forth between the beds.  Or carrying a lighter load.  Or … Continue reading

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Farming in the Future

Welcome to Smart Farm.  Follow along as I work to become a smarter farmer.        

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