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The Lobsterman’s Trap

Julie Eaton married her husband for his “wicked firm bottom.”  She wets her thin lips at its very mention, clenches her jaw and inhales sharply through closed teeth.  Julie didn’t marry Sidney Eaton until 38, and the tardiness of romance has left her libidinous as a teenager.  But her brash tone may serve another purpose—helping her find a place amongst men.  In taking the Eaton name, Julie married into a bounteous ocean bottom, a territorially rigid lobstering ground, and an industry dominated by men.  <<Read more>>

Economy of Luck

Guiding his horse, Sugar Valley Cathy, toward the track, Freddy Ward secures her harness and affectionately pats her rear quarter as she sets off to race. He runs to the sidelines and anxiously watches the competition begin. Nearing the end of the first lap, as Cathy rounds the turn close to Freddy, he whistles for her attention, hoping she’ll recognize his call and push past the horses in front. All of the work put into this horse during the week culminates in just under two minutes of anticipation. The race is a gamble and also Freddy’s source of income.  <<Read more>>


From the Ground Up

This five part audio series follows the owners of Langwater Farm, a family of young farmers breaking ground on a new farm.  I was lucky to live and work with these farmers for a year, and fortunate that they let me cut my teeth in audio editing with the farm as my subject.



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