War With The Newts


SpaceCanon: I wanted to talk to you about War with the Newts
Evan: Oh yea! I love that book
SpaceCanon: yeah man me too
Evan: In addition to many other things, I feel like it is the missing link between modern science fiction and like Frankenstein and Dracula
SpaceCanon: it’s so tenuously “science fiction”
SpaceCanon: actually very little science
SpaceCanon: and it doesn’t feel like fiction either
Evan: like, the epistolary structure
Evan: is that the right word?
SpaceCanon: I’m not sure
Evan: its letters
SpaceCanon: oh, you mean the fragented, modernist narration?
Evan: yup
SpaceCanon: it’s like the Wasteland of sci fi books
Evan: but people remember it being this weird prophetic thing about nazism
Evan: and not much else
Evan: but i think it really is a major thing
SpaceCanon: I read that Karel Capek “died of a broken heart” shortly after he wrote it
SpaceCanon: when he realized how fucked czechoslovakia was going to be
Evan: that is crazy


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2 Responses to War With The Newts

  1. molly says:

    this book is like if philosophy and history and fiction and biology and the future and compassion and wit escaped from a cocktail party to all go set stoned in the bushes.

  2. Claire Evans says:

    Could there be a more ringing endorsement?

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