When Science Asks, “What If?”


I’m very excited to announce the latest fruit of my ongoing collaboration with SEED Magazine — a web-only article justifying the cultural and scientific import of science fiction. Being written for a primarily scientific audience, there are large sections of the Venn diagram that will already have been filled in; yes, I’m preaching to the choir a little. Still, it was exciting to have a forum in which I could clearly define my love for sci-fi in more approachable terms than, “this Philip K. Dick book fucks me up!”

This article occupied every corner of my mind for over a week, and allowed me to delve back into some of my favorite books on the subject, namely the great Robert Scholes’ Structural Fabulation, Brian Aldiss’ Billion Year Spree, and In Search of Wonder, by Damon Knight. Go there!

Check out the article on SEED.com HERE.

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2 Responses to When Science Asks, “What If?”

  1. It’s really cool that you work with such a hip, high-profile publication.It would be even cooler if you cited/linked to the conversation that’s been happening about your (really cool!) topic.Send your readership to some other sources that you’ve clearly encountered in your research and used in your own writing:Mundane Science Fiction BlogandTask Newsletter

  2. Claire Evans says:

    Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by. I absolutely loved your piece in the Task Newsletter!It’s never been my intent to avoid crediting my sources. If you’re ornery about SEED using that photo of the Task Newsletter in the piece, that was an editor’s choice — he grabbed it right from this blog, where I wrote a separate review about your article just a few entries back. I can’t believe I never noticed that it didn’t link — no harm intended. Many links, credits, and accolades to you and Geoff Ryman live on this blog, however, for perpetuity.Check it out here:http://www.urbanhonking.com/spacecanon/2009/09/not-what-if-what-if-not.html

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