Search the Sky


On a future and much-decayed Earth,
Of babies there’s long been a dearth —
But everyone cheers
When a spaceship appears
packed with goods of immeasurable worth.

Something has gone wrong with mankind:
evolution has gone deaf and blind.
One guy is somehow exception,
and so it’s his perception
that the solution is his to find.

He is a space merchant named Ross,
Whose life is essentially a loss.
His world begins to unravel,
When he learns of space travel
And the Universe becomes his to cross.

(As he begins his mad journey,
Ross almost ends up in a gurney…
He meets Amazonian dames,
and old coots with mad claims,
And one imbecile friend named Bernie).

But his mission is rather elemental:
Find out if the race has gone mental.
Somehow crack the code
of why progress has slowed.
The results: really quite transcendental.

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