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Science Poem Manifesto

Earlier this year, I received a charming email from a pair of Helsinki-based artists and designers who work under the name of OK DO. OK DO is a socially-minded design think tank and online publication, and they wanted to know … Continue reading

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Player Piano

One of the greatest tricks the great trickster Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. played on the world was convincing everyone he wasn’t a science fiction writer. Sure, lots of heads from our side claimed him as one of our own, but word … Continue reading

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I Am Not Spock

Introducing the One-Picture Review:

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Time Enough for Love

Lazarus Long — née Woodrow Wilson Smith — is a 2,000 year old man. Born in pre-WWI America, he lives to see the proliferation of space travel, the destruction of the nation-state, the colonization of the universe, and the gradual … Continue reading

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