I Am Not Spock


Introducing the One-Picture Review:


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  1. Michelle says:

    Twenty years ago, Nimoy published a book declaring I Am Not Spock and started one of the big showbiz rumors of our time–that he hated his dramatic alter ego, the pointy-eared, half-alien first officer of the starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek. The rumor’s not true, says he in this very congenial new book focused on Spock so exclusively that other roles Nimoy has played get short shrift: http://amzn.to/94yj2y

  2. Claire Evans says:

    Whoa, are you using my blog comments to boost your Amazon Associates cred? Naughty!

  3. Michelle says:

    Ha! I just thought it was interesting that he wrote another book called I AM SPOCK.

  4. Claire Evans says:

    It’s true. It took Leonard Nimoy many years to battle his demons about the Spock thing. And although this review is pretty reductionistic, the interplay between Nimoy the man and Spock the character is actually really complex and interesting, in terms of identity, coming to terms with being known as an alien, an outsider, always being treated as though he was the character himself and not an actor. I think he came to terms with it later on in life.”I am not Spock. But I’m close to him. Closer than anyone. How much closer can two people be than to stand in the same body, occupy the same space?”

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