Space Canon is a project in science fiction self-education by¬†Claire L. Evans. It’s an offshoot of a more structured blog about science and culture called¬†Universe.

Books are read, documented, discussed, picked apart, dreamt upon. There is a list, but it’s malleable, and varied: fantasy, some hard-boiled, technical works, novellas, feminist utopias, Space Operas, experiments, and four-part epics. I try to be smart about it.

Why? Because I would like to become a kind of expert on the subject, and because there are no genuine, bricks-and-mortar institutions where a person can do such a thing. Because I would like to continue striding straight and calm into the future, assured of all possible realities, of how to foil the pitfalls of humanity when faced with sentient clouds, steel planets, and moon pools. And, while the canon of traditional literature forms a majestic, complex image of humanity, the space canon as a culture is as yet lightly-trodden, but full of important, and undoubtedly prescient, ideas.

Science fiction fans are totally welcome to join in the conversation.

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