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Up The Walls of the World

When James Tiptree Jr. first sent Up the Walls of the World to his/her editor, Judy-Lynn Del Rey, the latter protested against the novel’s use of the present tense, dismissing it as a “pseudo-literary trick.” Tiptree refused to change it … Continue reading

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The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon

As you may remember from a previous Space Canon entry, Alice B. Sheldon was, for a decade, the science-fiction writer James Tiptree Jr. She used the pseudonym because writing science fiction was a guilty pleasure, but also because she was … Continue reading

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Brightness Falls From The Air

“Brightness falls from the air” is a line from A Litany in Time of Plague, a death-themed Elizabethan poem by Thomas Nashe: Beauty is but a flower Which wrinkes will devour; Brightness falls from the air, Queens have died young … Continue reading

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