New beginnings.

Hey friends!
I have moved to a permanent new home. You can find my new blog (and about my future health coach practice) at


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On dietary failure

I failed at a diet recently. Not a lose-inches-fast mainstream “diet”, but a diet none-the-less. In this case I spent six miserable February hours trying out the low fat raw vegan 80-10-10 diet. (That’s 80% carbs from fruit, 10% fat and 10% protein, for those who don’t know) before I did a workout in order to get warm and ate some baked chips.

The month long challenge was proposed by my friend Keith, who is someone that I like and who I also perceive to be in excellent physical health. I read the book (80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham), collected the recipes, and bought two cases of bananas, a flat of young Thai coconuts, and a case of berries. I finished all the quinoa, tempeh, and roasted tahini in my fridge and got pumped. I asked a lot of questions before I began and although I was nervous, I also felt prepared.

I wanted to try this way of eating for a few reasons. 1) A big group of my friends was doing it together, so I’d have support. 2) It was a kind of vegan diet that I hadn’t tried before, and I like to know how I feel on all kinds of vegan diets. 3) I had heard it was great for energy and endurance in athletes, which sounded great and 4) I am studying to be a health coach with a strong emphasis in plant based nutrition. I figured first hand experience could always be useful to my future clients.

Despite all this, I failed to remember that I have tried variations of the raw diet multiple times before and always hated it. Juice cleanses made me feel crazy, almost instantly. Green smoothie protocols made me hate something that I love to eat. Regular raw made my stomach feel like shit (ugh, the nuts.) and low fat raw vegan made me feel hungry, resentful, anxious and cold. Really, really cold.

When I presented these woes to Keith he offered up many helpful suggestions. If hungry, eat more. If cold, sit in the sun. Eat more dates, mangos, pineapples, and bananas, as the tropical fruits tend to have more calories.  Drink more water, too, as hydration is key to satiation.

I really respect that Keith is able to feel awesome, digest like a champ, have a shit ton of energy, and maintain an extremely positive attitude on this diet. Time and time again, he suggested aiming for 1,000 calorie meals, and I imagine that if I had done that and stuck through the adjustment period, I would have experienced some benefits.

Thing is, I didn’t want to think about food as much as I was on 80-10-10. I am certain I don’t eat 1,000 calories per meal currently and it freaked me out to start. In my eating disorder recovery I found it easiest to eat lots and lots of smaller meals throughout the day, which is a habit I continue because it makes me feel comfortable. Duplicating that with fruit felt weird. I was unnaturally full, and also hungry. It was a feeling that triggered memories of anorexia and bulimia, and for my mental health I decided that meant that it was best to stop.

Failure is something I am always interested in, because the concept means so much and so little all at once. This diet, at this time, wasn’t worth it for me, but would I disparage the low fat raw vegan way of eating? No. It taught me a few things, even in the short time that I did it. It taught me (once again) that IN MY CASE cooked food is best in the winter. It taught me that I am extremely able to identify negative thought patterns and that when I start with the food perseveration I take care of myself with expediency. It showed me that I think both my body and the way that I eat are ALREADY great, so I don’t need to change them. That, in and of itself is an awesome lesson.

Failure just makes sense, sometimes, because it is informative.  In this case, I can be thankful for failure.

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I’m back, I went vegan again, and I’m going to school

Somehow, it has been nearly six months since I blogged about fitness, which is amazing because I really love fitness blogging and multiple times I have missed it. Life happens though, and at some point I felt like I had so much to say that I was immobilized. That, and after so much intense food and exercise deconstruction I knew I needed a break.

There is a part of me, for now and forever more that will absolutely obsess about food. I love a food related challenge (Vegetarian Whole30 documented in intense meticulous detail? DON’T MIND IF I DO!) and can find myself easily swept up in my meals, and what I think they say about me. This is both a product of being a person in the food and body obsessed society that we live in, and being someone who has struggled with body image, anorexia and bulimia. It’s easy to make myself perfect, balanced, healthy meals and to think that this somehow means I am a perfect, balanced, healthy human.

I think we can take one look at that sentence and find problems with it, can’t we?  An obsession with food is a lack of balance.  DUH. Seems obvious to me.

So, I took a break. And now, I say with genuine sincerity, that I love food, fitness, and healthy veganism. Green smoothies, yoga, CrossFit, kale, swimming, biking, and running all make my heart sing. I love new ways of eating; I love making recipes and I love sharing how I feel about what I eat with y’all. But for forever it will be a tenuous balance to keep it joyful. Because of all the bullshit messages we constantly get about how we should eat and how we should look, it is important for me to always give myself checks and balances. I consider it a gift that I have the ability to watch myself going overboard with mental calculations and take a moment to chill. Shit didn’t come easy, but it feels awesome. Thank you for being patient when I take my breaks.

The most important thing that has happened to me in the past six months is that I officially became an Ex-ex-vegan. Due to extensive gut problems and ever-increasing sensitivities to most vegan proteins I decided to try eating the most chicken-friendly eggs possible. (By this I mean they were not just organic, as organic doesn’t mean anything to a person who is vegan for ethical reasons.) My eggs were from chickens I personally knew or that were pasture raised with plenty of space to chill and do their chicken thang, eat grubs, and keep their beaks. Over the months, I ate a crap ton of eggs and really enjoyed them. Despite the convenience of a super digestible protein, though, I never stopped feeling weird that people would see my very carefully researched egg and decide it was cool to eat any egg at all. I always had a nagging voice in the back of my head that simply wished veganism worked for me.

The day finally came that I got an egg that was weird for reasons I’m still too grossed out to really discuss, and it was like a switch flipped back for me. I was vegan for fifteen years before eating eggs. That is the lifestyle that feels right for me. And I was ready to find a way to make it happen again, even though I knew it might be expensive and that it might be difficult to find the right combinations of food for me.  I was down to put in the legwork.

These days I am vegan as hell and my guts feel awesome. I tried a lot of things to fix the general stomach bullshit I dealt with that didn’t work, and I found a lot of stuff that did work too, which I will outline in true meticulous Lacy Davis fashion very soon. These days I have an active gut health regimen and rarely think of my stomach outside of when I’m hungry and want to fill it with food. I consider this my greatest victory of 2013 easily, but maybe of this millennium.

My stomach has felt like my enemy for my entire life.

A second very exciting thing that I would like to mention is that I am going back to school to become a certified nutrition coach.  Ever since I got solid with my eating disorder recovery, people (especially those who have also struggled with eating disorders) have wanted to talk to me about my food and exercise habits. I obviously prioritize these things, and others notice and are interested in how they can incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyles without breaking the bank, or totally messing with their lifestyle. Working to help people find exciting, delicious, plant based ways to feel good about them selves is something I want to do more than most other things. I can’t get the idea out of my head, so I know it’s gotta be done.

The school (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) unfortunately does not offer financial aid. I am not a person with access to random large reserves of cash, so I started an IndieGoGo campaign to try to raise the funds. Basically, if you donate now you get super discounted sessions when I am certified in September. You can use them for yourself, give them as gifts, or pass altogether if you just want to donate and don’t want coaching. I would appreciate it forever and also I’m pretty sure I would love to work with you. Think about donating. It could be fun.

It’s exciting to be back on the blogging bandwagon! As I will be trying to, you know, build my business and stuff, you will hearing a lot more from me. My goal is one recipe and one non-recipe post per week and in the mean time: HEEEEYYYYYY DUUUUUDES. I’ve missed ya! Thank you for accepting me back into your loving arms and I look forward to telling you details about just how this sensitive stomached lady went vegan all over again. See ya soon!

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Vegetarian Whole 30 wrap up.

whole 30 grid

I am writing to you from the other side of my Vegetarian Whole 30. It’s been one week since my experiment officially ended and I have much to say about the whole thing.

First things first: I can’t speak for the regular meaty version of the Whole 30, but the Vegetarian version has left me feeling excellent! My stomach problems are absolutely minimal after an entire lifetime of struggle, my skin is soft and super clear (like, I ran out of facewash sometime around the first of June, haven’t replaced it and haven’t had one pimple), my stress levels are significantly lower (as a result of not stressing out over my food choices because they were all good certainly but mostly because i made an active effort to reduce the stress in my life while going through this challenge), I toned up a ton, I naturally need significantly less coffee to feel happy, and I am feeling good and strong in my body, despite getting over an ankle sprain and despite getting over a disgusting and vicious bout of food poisoning (which commenced almost immediately upon the end of my challenge, but is not related to post Whole-30 foods! I got the illness from either organic kale or pasture raised eggs, both prepared by me. Go figure!)

Another thing: literally the most important thing I learned from my Whole 30 is to get enough sleep. I’m serious. It is a game changer.

I mentioned in previous posts that I was interested in continuing my Whole 30 after the 30 days and this rankled some people, most notably my partner. As anyone who loves someone who has had an eating disorder would probably feel, he was concerned about the continued restriction of certain foods and found the idea of indefinitely continuing to do so to be fishy.

Well. That’s reasonable!

It was definitely tough to argue with such a logical point. I agreed with him that if the position was reversed I would be critical, too.  (lovingly critical of course). But really, here is the truth about me and this particular restriction of certain foods: I actually feel significantly less stressed about food than in other times of life.  When I was mostly eating “clean” (Ew, gross term. Only using it for simplicity’s sake) but was having pretty regular “cheats” (again, ew.) I felt stressed out. An example: When I would go out to eat I would order something that I wanted to eat and that was healthy. Kett would order something that was vegan junk food. I would eat my dinner, and then I would take bites of his. I would end up with a stomach ache from x, y, or z ingredient that would upset me and I would turn it into some sort of moral judgement of my character. (IE you steal your sweet boyfriend’s food, it is terrible crap for you anyway, AND NOW YOU WILL SUFFER.  Not just emotionally, but physically too!) Cue sad music and watch me clutch my bloated stomach for the rest of the night and hate myself.


Picture me coming home from a really stressful day of work, and not having slept well the night before. Because I ate very small meals, I was likely starving. Because I was so hungry, and had eaten so little, I felt entirely justified in spooning nut butter into my mouth until dinner time. Then more after dinner time. Cue belly ache. Cue self-pity.

This sort of thing happened all. the. time.

With the Whole 30, I was focused on eating three large meals a day. I definitely snacked, but I didn’t rely on it, and I didn’t need to as much because my meals were bigger. I asked myself why I was hungry, what I was hungry for, if I was stressed, and if I had slept enough before I ate anything and I took a picture of it for my records. Kett’s food was not an option for me, because there were things I couldn’t eat in it. (I think this was Kett’s favorite part of the challenge). This accountability and processing created a brief wedge of time that 99% of the time lead to me leading an awesome life where I feel good as opposed to an awful life where I feel bad. The actual shift in my diet was minimal but the internal dialogue around it lessened tenfold. I felt more peaceful around food than I had in quite some time.

Of course, when I got food poisoning all of this Whole30-ing kind of went out the window. I survived on canned soup (Amy’s organic, gluten free stuff but STILL), miso, smoothies, kombucha, and coconut water for five days.  I ate literally whatever I could keep down because I had to survive. Did I care that the soup cans had organic corn in them? Yeah, kind of. Did I eat them anyway? Yes, yes I did.

Now I am back to normal in my guts and mostly back to Whole 30ing with my diet. I did have some Vega protein powder (big Whole30 no-no because of the sprouted brown rice, sprouted quinoa and stevia in it) and it immediately upset my stomach which is a total drag. I am going to give it one more shot, just to see (coincidences do happen, and I think Vega would be beneficial for my lifestyle) but other than that I can’t think of any ingredient that I’d like to add back into my repertoire.

So, probably, people might be wondering about my weight. I had weighed myself and also took my measurements at the beginning of this challenge for the first time in years. I suspected that I may see shifts post 30, and I was correct. They are as follows: I lost three pounds. I also lost an inch off of my chest, .25 inches off of my thighs, 3.25 inches off of my hips, and .5 inches off of my waist.

I ate big meals, exercised significantly less, and probably had 400-500 more calories per day and I lost both pounds and inches. Kinda blows that whole calories-in-calories-out calculation thing out of the water, eh?

A lot of people who do Whole 30’s are making drastic dietary changes and see equally drastic results. It makes sense to me that I lost a not-drastic amount of weight. What really surprises me is losing over three inches off of my hips. I definitely look more toned, and people have said as much in very non-creepy ways that I appreciate. I feel happy that I didn’t have some huge shift, because huge shifts in my body can be triggering for me. I am also happy to have slimmed down some. Is that controversial or unfeminist? I’m actually asking this question because I’m not really sure.

I wonder: Is it actually possible to love our body and want to see changes? Lately I am stoked on how I feel about myself and still, I want to lose a few more pounds. Many of my  closest people probably cringe when they hear that, given my history. I personally cringe in some ways when I think it, given my politics. What do you think?

For me, I guess it is about the amount of brain space it takes up. All-in-all I obsess about food and exercise and body less than I did before. I talk about it less (outside of this blog) and I am really much more focused on, I don’t know, enjoying myself more. It has been an entirely socially productive summer (although not necessarily a work-productive summer) and I think that is a direct result of more self-love, including body stuff. And I still want to tone up a little more. Is that a big deal? EH. You decide.

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The last day of my Whole 30


Notes: So. That happened! I am going to give you a full emotional and physical recap of how the Whole 30 worked for me ASAP, but let’s just say for now, I feel good! I’m proud of myself and its great to have completed this challenge with travelling, pride, and life happening all around me. Go me!

 Sleep: 8.5 awesome hours. YES. I have needed that for like a week, and I slept like a fucking rock. Thanks pride!

Water: 16 cups


Pre-wod breakfast- 9:00AM: Green smoothie! 1/2 cup of coconut water, 1/2 cup of cucumber, 1/2 an avocado, 1.5 cups romaine lettuce, pumpkin seed protein powder, and one egg white.  Coffee with home made hemp milk.

Post-Wod breakfast- 11:30AM: Two eggs and kale sauteed in coconut oil with salsa.

Lunch- 2:30PM: Salad. lettuce, hardboiled egg, tofu, olive, sweet potato, almond butter, cabbage, celery, olive, cucumber, baba ghannouge and oil and vinegar. Bubble water on the side.

Snack- 5:30PM: Romaine lettuce smeared with baba ghannouge, cashews, and macadamia nuts. Nutritional yeast sprinkle.

Dinner-6:00PM:  Omelette with vegan macadamia nut milk based brie. Kale, sauerkraut, salsa, nutritional yeast.

Completely unnecessary snack 10:00PM: Vegan frozen yogurt topped with coconut, kiwi, sunflower seeds and chocolate chips. I was two hours shy of my whole 30, but because I am seriously considering extending it I decided to just go for it! You know what? It was just kind of okay. I was happy to be hanging with friends and Lacy post sugar is very amusing but MEH. Tomorrow marks the start of the national official Whole 30, which some friends of mine are doing and I am really leaning towards just Whole30ing on. I will not be tracking so obsessively (you all get what I’m doing at this point, right?) but I just like the way I feel when I eat like this. Like, sort of liberated? I don’t know how to explain it.

Activity-  Crossfit Class, which had 5 sets of 5 shoulder presses (I maxed out at 50 lbs. Meh!) followed by 3 rounds for time of a 200 meter farmers carry, five wall walks, and 10 goblet squats. I finished in just under 15 minutes and sweat all over myself. In the evening I took a four mile bike ride to get that fro yo.

Macros: Fat- 117 grams Carbs: 155 grams Protein: 108 grams

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Vegetarian Whole 30: Day 28 & 29 PRIDE EDITION!

breakfast28lunch28snack28dinner28breakfast29lunch29dinner296/28, 6/29

Notes: DAMN, it is hard to catch up when I get just a bit behind on these blog posts. For those of you who don’t know, I live in the bay area and it is pride, thus my time has been pretty eaten up by the amazing and beautiful people that I hung out with. I happen to be in just about the best relationship I’ve ever been in with a dude, which is slightly complicated for my queer identity but hey. FUCK IT.  I still get misty eyed and sentimental about the thought of people loving one another openly and proudly in the streets and I still feel deeply invested in myself as part of that community. Although I do honestly shudder at the thought of pride sometimes (I hate crowds! I don’t drink!) I showed up this weekend and had an amazing time. It was good to do, and a great reminder about why I have chosen the healthy lifestyle that I have.

Oh, ’cause people at pride? They’re crazy! It was about 90 degrees this weekend and people were totally tossing back booze and cheetos while they baked and fucked each other in the sun. I admire that enthusiasm but that’s not really my style, as you may have guessed. I armed myself with enough apples, salad, macadamia nuts, cold press coffee, water, and sunscreen to support a small gay army and even with all of this positive reinforcement I was incredibly drained at the end of it all (One night DID happen to include dancing until 3:00AM and was followed by a mere six hours of sleep). In a nut shell HAPPY PRIDE! Now for a few nights of 10 hours of sleep!


 Sleep: 7 hours. Meh.

Water: 12 cups

Food: Breakfast- 8:00AM: Kale, two eggs & one egg white fried in coconut oil with avocado salsa. smoothie with coconut water, 1/2 cup of cucumber, 1/2 an avocado, two cups romaine,  and pumpkin seed protein powder. Delicious.

Lunch- 1:00PM: zucchini noodles with pesto, cashew cheese, tempeh, cherry tomato and a fried egg

Snack- 5:30PM: The last of my jar of dilly kraut. SOB. I miss it already.

Dinner-6:00PM:  kale, kraut, cashew gravy, tahini, sprouted almonds, tofu, a fried egg and a macadamia nut or two. BOMB.

Snack- 3:00AM: 1/2 an apple and some tahini and almonds. Thank you and goodnight!

Activity-  About an hour and a half of the sweatiest dancing humanly possible. PRIDE!

Macros: Fat- 123 grams Protein: 117 grams Carbs: 117 grams


 Sleep: 6 hours. FOR SHAME. I pray to the great homo goddess in the sky that I never ever have such little sleep ever again. Shit makes me wonky!

Water: 17 cups. I have never been so hot in my life. Water tasted like liquid gold.

Food: Breakfast- 8:00AM: Zucchini, two eggs & one egg white fried in coconut oil with avocado salsa.  All veggie/coconut water smoothie with pumpkin seed protein powder and coffee and hemp milk.

Lunch- 2:00PM: A giant salad with lettuce, beets, onions, tofu, grilled veggies, avocado and lemon shallot dressing. Macadamia nuts on the side.

Dinner-9:00PM:   Dinner at 9:00PM?! Pride, you have made me insane. It was two carrots, a pickle, sauteed tofu and zucchini with almonds, macadamia nuts, pesto, cashew cheese and baba ghannouge. I was so happy to be home eating this that I could have cried.

Activity-  About three miles of walking

Macros: Fat: 130 grams (probably time to lay off of those delicious macadamia nuts, eh?) Carbs: 103 grams Protein: 103 grams

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Vegetarian Whole 30: Day 27


Notes: Today has been challenging. I found out that I will have fewer teaching hours than I anticipated in the fall, I had some interpersonal drama, and I ever-so-slightly re-rolled my ankle after it was six weeks into the healing process. FUCKING DUMB. I am trying to keep calm and positive but just- I don’t know. Life, right?! Shit’s wild some days.

Despite it all food remained solid, as above all this Whole 30 has helped me see that there really are no excuses to eat poorly. I had a bad day, do I want to eat things that will make me feel bad as a result? Well, no. Obviously not. That’s just silly.

 Sleep: 8 hours, sort of. I went to bed around 11:30 and woke up at 5:30 AM. Of course this totally bummed me out and although I felt wide awake I decided the best course of action would be to just lay there. Like adamantly lay. I fell back asleep eventually and woke up around 7:30. Ugh. Why has this week been so full of weird, strained sleep?

Oh yeah! I just remembered that I woke up because I was hungry! I ate a few bites of kabocha squash sometime around 6:00AM. Weird, I had totally forgotten.

Water: 19 cups. Yes. I’m dead serious, although I can barely see how it is possible without an IV drip. I was incredibly thirsty today and had a sweaty bike ride, a crossfit workout, and a lot of coffee. After I get my eight cups of water I definitely don’t try to drink more, so really at least 11 cups of this was just totally out of thirst. Wild.

Food: Breakfast- 8:00AM: Kale, two eggs & one egg white fried in coconut oil with avocado salsa. Suuuuuper creamy smoothie with 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1/2 cup of cucumber, 1/2 an avocado, two cups romaine, a bunch of ginger, a dash of vanilla, pumpkin seed protein powder, and about 1/8 of a banana. Delicious.

Lunch- 1:00PM: A carrot, steamed broccoli, sprouted tofu sauteed in coconut oil, pesto, cashew gravy, sauerkraut and kabocha squash. Gimme.

Dinner-6:00PM:   A giant ass salad. Romaine, cucumber, olive, shredded carrot, cabbage, hardboiled egg, habanero lime cashew “cheese”, tofu, sprouted almonds, sweet potato, avocado and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Super satiating!

Snack- 10:00PM: Carrot and cashew gravy.

Activity-  About six miles of biking around Oakland, and a crossfit class. We did front squats in sets of 5-5-3-3-1-1-1. I peaked at 115 pounds. After we did 2 minute sections of as many reps as possible of dumb bell snatches, ring dips, and sit ups. It was a good one!

Macros: I didn’t count today but if I had to go out on a limb I would guess today was moderately high carb! Carrots three times and sweet potato will totally do that. Meh! Fuck it.


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Vegetarian Whole 30: Day 25 & 26- Back home!

breakfast25lunch25lunch25-2dinner25snack25breakfast26lunch26snack26dinner26Notes: I ate pretty much exactly the same on my second day of vacation as I did on my first. It’s funny, I will create routines wherever I go and whatever I do, especially with food. That’s OCD for ya!

My San Diego trip presented more vegan food then usual (IE less eggs) and many more raw vegetables and nuts. (I took a shining to those raw tacos that was pretty unparalleled.) When I started this challenge I was under the impression that raw food really did me in, but now I can see that when I cut beans and grains out of my diet entirely, my gut is much sturdier! I tolerated huge salads and walnut tacos just fine all weekend, and that is very very exciting.

Also, Holy shit, can we talk? four days until I have successfully completed a Whole30? Oh and what was that, I plan to take a day to relax my dietary guidelines and continue through July? WELL. That is sort of surprising!

I have literally never felt better than I have on this Whole30. My stomach is stoked, my moods are level, my energy is good. The times when I have felt not that awesome have been A) when I eat something off plan (wedding curry) or B) when I eat too much late at night. Those things have happened a total of four times this entire month and their consequences are so obvious that they are easy to take note of. By stripping my diet of ALL bullshit I have some real clarity around what is good for me. It seems a no-brainer to want to continue with this.


 Sleep: 8 hours of sleep. Didn’t feel like enough!

Water: 13 cups.

Food: Breakfast- 9:00AM:Avocado half, macadamia nuts, raw crackers, a few slices of apple, hardboiled eggs. I also had some iced coffee with coconut milk on the side.

Lunch- 1:00PM: Lunch was courtesy of the Whole Foods salad bar in Hillcrest once again. GOD I’m boring!  I had romaine lettuce, black olives, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, salsa, tofu scramble, cilantro, carrots, garlicky broccoli, and onions. Fig on the side.

Dinner-6:00PM:   More raw vegan tacos plus a coconut.  I love to be tropical.

Snack- 11:30PM: Way too late snack fest, mostly unpictured. 3/4 of a larabar, macadamia nuts, a wedge of kabocha squash and some tahini. Why did I do that!? I felt starving, but that combo so late gave me a seriously upset stomach and if I’d thought for half of a second I would have seen it coming. Hmph.

What did I do in the wake of this disaster?

Well. I apologized to my stomach, and moved on. I woke up the next day STILL feeling tummy grossness so I took it easy. I used to beat myself up so much for food mistakes, and I basically want to give myself a giant hug and high five for my healthy attitude these days.  I am really proud to not be such a dick myself anymore!

Activity-  About six miles of walking around San Diego


 Sleep: 9 hours. closer to feeling on track!

Water: 12 cups.

Food: Breakfast- 10:00AM: I woke up around 8:30 and didn’t eat until about 10. Super rare! I wasn’t even entirely hungry when I ate but I had a noon workout to attend that I needed fuel for and also knew would be a grinder if I had too much food in my stomach when I did it. I ended up with one egg and some seared brussel sprouts (about half as much egg + vegetables as usual) and my all-veggie smoothie on the side. It was good!

Lunch- 2:00PM: Post workout I was actually kind of queasy so again had a small meal. It consisted of brussel sprouts, kabocha squash, beets, an egg, some tempeh, some home made sauerkraut from my amazing friend sean, and some cashew gravy. The meal tasted sensational! So many flavors pop when you cut out sugar and processed oils from your diet. I highly recommend the experience.

Snack- 4:30 PM: After like three hours of biking around doing errands I was starting to feel a little crazy. I busted out a sparkling water/sweet potato/hardboiled egg snack and felt amazing. Ah. Low blood sugar. Right.

Dinner-7:30PM:   Finnnnnally I was actually really hungry around 7:30P.M. I had steamed broccoli and kabocha squash, more kraut, tofu, tahini, pesto, and cashew gravy. I capped it all off with a few macadamia nuts and my last bite of larabar. Goodnight!

Activity-  About eight miles of bike commuting plus one of my favorite Crossfit workouts ever: Fight Gone Bad. It consists of 3 rounds, 1 min per station, of: Wall Ball, 14 lbs,  Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 55 lbs Box Jump, 20 in, Push Press, 55 lbs and a one minute Row (calculated by calories) Rest 1 min Rotate immediately to the next station every 1 min, the clock does not stop or reset between stations.  I can’t possibly tell you how hard and fun this workout is! I also RX’d the weights for the first time ever, and felt amazing doing it! Last time I did it was less than six months ago and there was like no WAY I would get a reasonable score going over 45 lbs. on my push presses. HI WORLD, I AM RIPPED.

Macros- Protein: 98 Carbs: 106  Fat: 97



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Vegetarian Whole 30 Day 24: A day of ridiculously good food.



Notes: Today was so ridiculously casual. I woke up in my bomb ass hotel palace, I ate, I walked, I hung out, I ate more, I read, I took a nap, I ate again, and hung out some more. Jesus Christ. What a fucking life! I’m back in Oakland tomorrow night but am stoked to have one more full day of luxury before I go.

Sleep: 7 hours, still rocky. I bought some melatonin to help me fall asleep and stay there tonight, as it is my last night in this giant ass bed and I want to sink into it and enjoy it as much as humanly possible. Sick of this less than eight hours of sleep shit and taking charge! TAKE THAT WORLD.

Water: 13 cups. Thirsty ALL day once again.

Food: Breakfast- 8:00AM: Avocado half, macadamia nuts, raw crackers, a few slices of apple, hardboiled eggs and a kombucha. This was a great snack plate, and covered all the bases quite well. I also had some iced coffee with coconut milk on the side.

Lunch- 1:00PM: Lunch was courtesy of the Whole Foods salad bar in Hillcrest once again, and this time I streamlined my efforts and askewed disappointment by basically not expecting much that was already prepared to be lacy-friendly. I had romaine lettuce, black olives, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, salsa, tofu, cilantro, carrots, and two fried eggs drenched in a spicy tomato sauce all up in this box. It was huge! Probably too huge, but hey. If my worst problem is a too-big salad then I am one lucky lady.

Dinner-6:00PM:   That salad filled up my belly for a good long time, and I basically only ate dinner because I knew I was about to go out and be far away from anything close to what I could eat for the night. I ended up eating two raw vegan tacos with cashew cream and spicy walnut “meat” and a coconut and it was amazing. seriously, so CHEAP and good. (Less then ten bucks people! When does that ever happen with raw vegan food?) No complaints whatsoever.

Snack- 10:30PM: I had a few beets from the beet salad I had purchased at Whole Foods yesterday and some sprouted walnuts. Good night!

Activity-  About six miles of walking around San Diego in search of homies and burritos for my boo.

Macros- Too hard to count that shit while not cooking for myself. VACATION!!!!


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Vegetarian Whole 30 Day 23: The wedding

breakfast23lunch23snack23snack23-1dinner23Notes: Oh man. Life is GOOD. Like, ridiculously awesome. I am on a kind of unexpected vacation and it is the best on I’ve been on in a long while in terms of stress level. Here’s the deal:

My partner’s first girlfriend ever/very good friend Kate got married yesterday and we came to San Diego for her wedding. We had considered driving, but that got nixed because I didn’t feel like traversing the state behind the wheel for a short trip. We don’t really know people in San Diego, so it seemed the most reasonable thing to do was to try to get a hotel. WELL. Flying to San Diego from Oakland takes 90 minutes and is a breeze.

We booked our hotel via Priceline with one single goal in mind: to not stay in a place with bed bugs. Yelp is very illuminating for this. Just try searching the town you want to go to, hotels, and “bed bugs” and you will see that probably half of the temporary homes in this state are totally infested. Even if the place is nice! Fucked up, right?

Once we found a place that was bedbug free and semi reasonably priced we booked it, and didn’t think about it again. It turns out this hotel room is a fucking palace. I’m talking huge, spacious, giant windows and a FULL FUCKING KITCHEN. stove, fridge, pots, pans, knives, silverware, sink, the works. There are few things in the world that have made me happier than this. BEST VACATION EVER, I CAN COOK FOR MYSELF. Life is sweet.

Also! This place is covered in mirrors. I literally do not own a full length mirror at home and only really see the entirety of my body at the gym. Because I am usually sweating, cursing my life, and working to my max there, I don’t spend a lot of time looking. Here, I can see that I look fucking great. WELL. Have I ever had that thought before? No. Probably not. Aint that some shit?

Last thing: Just a few days ago I declared that I couldn’t wait to dive face first into some vegan gluten free junk food when this challenge is over. Last night I had a small amount of a curry at a wedding that I am 99% certain contained some sort of sugar and bad oils. I didn’t hate it, but I will say that the combo of cheap fat and sugar is intoxicating and leaves me only wanting more. I could have eaten a trough of that stuff and never tired, and you know what? That’s not really what I’m looking for in food. I want a reasonable amount to be satiating. When I feel like I only want more and more and more that kinda freaks my shit. Looks like July 1st might not be a junk food fest afterall.


Sleep: 6 hours. NOT COOL. Luckily I didn’t have much to do in terms of the physical yesterday, because I felt pretty low energy all day. 8 hours or more for the win, that’s my motto.

Water: 10 cups and I still felt dehydrated. I think air travel + high salt contents in some of the food I ate out kind of did me in. I look forward to lots more water today!

Food: Breakfast- 7:00AM: zucchini, kale and garlic sauteed in coconut oil. Two eggs and one egg white with avocado salsa.

Smoothie with coconut water and a bit of mango on the side. Coffee with homemade almond milk.

Lunch- 1:00PM: Lunch was courtesy of the Whole Foods salad bar in Hillcrest. When I first walked in I got super excited because there seemed to be SO MUCH that I could eat. ALAS, everything in the grilled vegetable bar had CORNSTARCH of all things (?!), the baba ghannouge had canola oil, the cilantro pesto tofu had sugar (?!). I do not understand why people feel the need to put bullshit extra ingredients in perfectly delicious food. I ended up with some black olives, romaine lettuce, cucumber, balsamic vinegar, hardboiled egg, and a spaghetti squash mexican type dish. Halfway through my squash I discovered there was beans in it and had to pick them out. GRUMBLE. I also ate some sprouted walnuts, macadamia nuts, and bubbly water on the side

Snack-3:30 PM: I wasn’t particularly starving at this time but I knew I was about to be at a wedding for a long ass time where my food situation would be mildly unclear. I ate two raw vegan dehydrated veggie and sunflower seed crackers and a hardboiled egg.

Snack- 7:30PM: The food ended up being late to the wedding due to a miscommunication about the address! DAMN. I bought an orange off of the bar and munched happily while other people watched jealously. That’s right. No shame for needing to eat for me, and no drinking away my hunger pains! Ha.

Dinner-8:00PM:   Once the food did arrive I had a decision to make. Was I going to eat this curry? I mean, I didn’t bring other food with me, so apparently I had already made the decision that I was going to at least have some. I filled my plate with a huge vat of salad and topped it sparingly with the vegetables from the curry. (I ate about twice as much as is pictured here.) It was good! But like I said before, not exactly my cup of tea. I feel fine about my decision to make due with what was offered in this instance, and also excited to get back to completely Whole30 eating today.

Snack- 10:30PM: (unpictured) When I got home from this wedding I was starving, predictably. (Oh you mean a dinner of dry lettuce with less then 1/2 cup of curry isn’t going to keep me full all night? Shocking!) I came back to my hotel room to eat a hardboiled egg, 1/3 of an apple, and far too much raw vegan trail mix and sprouted walnuts. I do not enjoy eating so much so late, but I knew I needed it. Whatever. Like I said, back on track today!

Activity-  About 2 miles of walking to our hotel from whole foods and to the wedding. About an hour of dancing with my boo!


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