What I Ate Wednesday

I am nosey.  I like sneak peaking people’s diets and seeing the meals that they thrive on. Not to mention a few people have asked me for play-by-plays recently, seemingly fascinated that a human can live with so many restrictions. (I know, I know, it blows my mind too.) In light of all this I decided I would give you a little “What I Ate Wednesday” action. On Wednesdays I will try to keep track of my food to share with  you and maybe you will be inspired to cook and share too.  (Also, I know its Monday. This was last Wednesday okay? With teaching prep, working on my book, and a romantic weekend getaway I have been super slow. Forgive me.)




This was a fantastic breakfast. Home made coconut kefir, a runny egg, some Paleo butternut squash pie, and a pile of kale. Coffee and a few nuts because those two things religiously go in my mouth before my eyes are fully open. I wake up feeling starving a lot of the time and i KNOW this probably means I am thirsty, but hey. Can’t be perfect all the time.

I biked to work in between my Breakfast and snack, which was a four mile ride up a big hill. My calves are made of steel.

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Total Snackitude: The kombucha that burns while you drink it and some unsweetened coconut flakes.





I have gotten pretty okay at packing lunches. This is three (very) small sweet potatoes, a pile of kale sautee’d with celery, garlic chili paste and ginger juice, and a dollop of coconut cream. On the right we have two hard boiled pasture raised eggs and a half avocado.


Once home from teaching I did a travel WOD in my bedroom in order to maximize the time I had in my evening. (Sorry for the banging, room mates.) (NOT THAT KIND OF BANGING, GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER.) Annnnyway. I did five rounds of 20 lunges, 15 bicycle crunches, and 10 burpees in 10:45. I was pretty proud of my time.




Unsweetened almond milk and chocolate Vega powder totally makes me feel like a kid drinking chocolate milk.



This dinner is so much more awesome then my low light photography makes it look. It was roasted cabbage, leeks, turnips, and carrot, yams mashed with coconut milk, salt, and pepper, and the crowning glory of maple glazed grilled tempeh. I ate probably twice as many vegetables as you see and at least 1/2 another triangle of tempeh. The meal was enjoyed with friends and accompanied by a lot of laughter, which is rare for me! I hardly ever cook with other people because I am so needy in the food department, but it turns out I have awesome friends who are willing to flex to meet my needs. How cool is that?

When I got home I ate an unpictured spoonful of coconut butter just for the hell of it and slept like a baby. That day was a good mix! Good food, energy, workouts, work, and friends. Wish they could all be so smooth.

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  1. An says:

    You inspired me to slather the insides of my almond butter and cherry jam sando with coconut butter

  2. Sean Jewell says:

    Awesome eats, what would you say would be your total food prep time for all that tasty?

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