Vegetarian Whole 30: Day 28 & 29 PRIDE EDITION!

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Notes: DAMN, it is hard to catch up when I get just a bit behind on these blog posts. For those of you who don’t know, I live in the bay area and it is pride, thus my time has been pretty eaten up by the amazing and beautiful people that I hung out with. I happen to be in just about the best relationship I’ve ever been in with a dude, which is slightly complicated for my queer identity but hey. FUCK IT.  I still get misty eyed and sentimental about the thought of people loving one another openly and proudly in the streets and I still feel deeply invested in myself as part of that community. Although I do honestly shudder at the thought of pride sometimes (I hate crowds! I don’t drink!) I showed up this weekend and had an amazing time. It was good to do, and a great reminder about why I have chosen the healthy lifestyle that I have.

Oh, ’cause people at pride? They’re crazy! It was about 90 degrees this weekend and people were totally tossing back booze and cheetos while they baked and fucked each other in the sun. I admire that enthusiasm but that’s not really my style, as you may have guessed. I armed myself with enough apples, salad, macadamia nuts, cold press coffee, water, and sunscreen to support a small gay army and even with all of this positive reinforcement I was incredibly drained at the end of it all (One night DID happen to include dancing until 3:00AM and was followed by a mere six hours of sleep). In a nut shell HAPPY PRIDE! Now for a few nights of 10 hours of sleep!


 Sleep: 7 hours. Meh.

Water: 12 cups

Food: Breakfast- 8:00AM: Kale, two eggs & one egg white fried in coconut oil with avocado salsa. smoothie with coconut water, 1/2 cup of cucumber, 1/2 an avocado, two cups romaine,  and pumpkin seed protein powder. Delicious.

Lunch- 1:00PM: zucchini noodles with pesto, cashew cheese, tempeh, cherry tomato and a fried egg

Snack- 5:30PM: The last of my jar of dilly kraut. SOB. I miss it already.

Dinner-6:00PM:  kale, kraut, cashew gravy, tahini, sprouted almonds, tofu, a fried egg and a macadamia nut or two. BOMB.

Snack- 3:00AM: 1/2 an apple and some tahini and almonds. Thank you and goodnight!

Activity-  About an hour and a half of the sweatiest dancing humanly possible. PRIDE!

Macros: Fat- 123 grams Protein: 117 grams Carbs: 117 grams


 Sleep: 6 hours. FOR SHAME. I pray to the great homo goddess in the sky that I never ever have such little sleep ever again. Shit makes me wonky!

Water: 17 cups. I have never been so hot in my life. Water tasted like liquid gold.

Food: Breakfast- 8:00AM: Zucchini, two eggs & one egg white fried in coconut oil with avocado salsa.  All veggie/coconut water smoothie with pumpkin seed protein powder and coffee and hemp milk.

Lunch- 2:00PM: A giant salad with lettuce, beets, onions, tofu, grilled veggies, avocado and lemon shallot dressing. Macadamia nuts on the side.

Dinner-9:00PM:   Dinner at 9:00PM?! Pride, you have made me insane. It was two carrots, a pickle, sauteed tofu and zucchini with almonds, macadamia nuts, pesto, cashew cheese and baba ghannouge. I was so happy to be home eating this that I could have cried.

Activity-  About three miles of walking

Macros: Fat: 130 grams (probably time to lay off of those delicious macadamia nuts, eh?) Carbs: 103 grams Protein: 103 grams

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2 Responses to Vegetarian Whole 30: Day 28 & 29 PRIDE EDITION!

  1. Gaby says:

    Happy Pride! We had it here in Houston too! I was actually going to walk in the parade this year until I realized it was the same night as the Sarah Bareilles concert my friend got us tickets to for my bday gift, but there was plenty of partying going on there too 🙂
    Sort of unrelated to food, but I LOVE your kale necklace! I saw some like that at a market in NY and actually ended up getting a birch leaf dipped in gold instead. Now I wish I could go back and get the kale one too!

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy pride! I wrote this to you earlier and tried sending it on fb but it makes more sense to put it here anyway:

    Looking forward to the blog post about how you can survive summer without cooling sweet treats such as yo froyo… look at me giving you assignments and shit now, what a hag, but seriously (and I’ve been meaning to write responses to your blarg forever and haven’t for myriad unimpressive reasons, but I’m PMing you this because why blow up your thread with eating disorder stuff?) I JUST got to a point where I choose regular (raw if possible of course, but I just can’t be perfect, acceptance, ugh) sugar over the cancery whatever the fuck stuff, and I must say slurpees are my guiltiest pleasure – still a much better life choice than beer, and that’s a whole other rant, but they have ‘diet’ flavors now and I mix in a little of the regs one, and that’s in my newer but still disordered comfort zone. You of course know that as we allow ourselves to actually eat our cravings change, and you may not know that drinking a lot for a long time and then not drinking makes the body crave sugar, as alcohol breaks down similarly or some science shit like that. I suppose I was fortunate to not be born with much of a sweet tooth, but boy has that changed along with a lot of other very positive things. So this is not my official response to how much you’re putting down in words this process for yourself has meant to me, but it is rather a dialogue I hope to continue, as I’m beginning to be less afraid of, like, people. So yeah, looking forward to that post and others. Enjoy your fro yo, yo! (Goddamnit).

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