I’m back, I went vegan again, and I’m going to school

Somehow, it has been nearly six months since I blogged about fitness, which is amazing because I really love fitness blogging and multiple times I have missed it. Life happens though, and at some point I felt like I had so much to say that I was immobilized. That, and after so much intense food and exercise deconstruction I knew I needed a break.

There is a part of me, for now and forever more that will absolutely obsess about food. I love a food related challenge (Vegetarian Whole30 documented in intense meticulous detail? DON’T MIND IF I DO!) and can find myself easily swept up in my meals, and what I think they say about me. This is both a product of being a person in the food and body obsessed society that we live in, and being someone who has struggled with body image, anorexia and bulimia. It’s easy to make myself perfect, balanced, healthy meals and to think that this somehow means I am a perfect, balanced, healthy human.

I think we can take one look at that sentence and find problems with it, can’t we?  An obsession with food is a lack of balance.  DUH. Seems obvious to me.

So, I took a break. And now, I say with genuine sincerity, that I love food, fitness, and healthy veganism. Green smoothies, yoga, CrossFit, kale, swimming, biking, and running all make my heart sing. I love new ways of eating; I love making recipes and I love sharing how I feel about what I eat with y’all. But for forever it will be a tenuous balance to keep it joyful. Because of all the bullshit messages we constantly get about how we should eat and how we should look, it is important for me to always give myself checks and balances. I consider it a gift that I have the ability to watch myself going overboard with mental calculations and take a moment to chill. Shit didn’t come easy, but it feels awesome. Thank you for being patient when I take my breaks.

The most important thing that has happened to me in the past six months is that I officially became an Ex-ex-vegan. Due to extensive gut problems and ever-increasing sensitivities to most vegan proteins I decided to try eating the most chicken-friendly eggs possible. (By this I mean they were not just organic, as organic doesn’t mean anything to a person who is vegan for ethical reasons.) My eggs were from chickens I personally knew or that were pasture raised with plenty of space to chill and do their chicken thang, eat grubs, and keep their beaks. Over the months, I ate a crap ton of eggs and really enjoyed them. Despite the convenience of a super digestible protein, though, I never stopped feeling weird that people would see my very carefully researched egg and decide it was cool to eat any egg at all. I always had a nagging voice in the back of my head that simply wished veganism worked for me.

The day finally came that I got an egg that was weird for reasons I’m still too grossed out to really discuss, and it was like a switch flipped back for me. I was vegan for fifteen years before eating eggs. That is the lifestyle that feels right for me. And I was ready to find a way to make it happen again, even though I knew it might be expensive and that it might be difficult to find the right combinations of food for me.  I was down to put in the legwork.

These days I am vegan as hell and my guts feel awesome. I tried a lot of things to fix the general stomach bullshit I dealt with that didn’t work, and I found a lot of stuff that did work too, which I will outline in true meticulous Lacy Davis fashion very soon. These days I have an active gut health regimen and rarely think of my stomach outside of when I’m hungry and want to fill it with food. I consider this my greatest victory of 2013 easily, but maybe of this millennium.

My stomach has felt like my enemy for my entire life.

A second very exciting thing that I would like to mention is that I am going back to school to become a certified nutrition coach.  Ever since I got solid with my eating disorder recovery, people (especially those who have also struggled with eating disorders) have wanted to talk to me about my food and exercise habits. I obviously prioritize these things, and others notice and are interested in how they can incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyles without breaking the bank, or totally messing with their lifestyle. Working to help people find exciting, delicious, plant based ways to feel good about them selves is something I want to do more than most other things. I can’t get the idea out of my head, so I know it’s gotta be done.

The school (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) unfortunately does not offer financial aid. I am not a person with access to random large reserves of cash, so I started an IndieGoGo campaign to try to raise the funds. Basically, if you donate now you get super discounted sessions when I am certified in September. You can use them for yourself, give them as gifts, or pass altogether if you just want to donate and don’t want coaching. I would appreciate it forever and also I’m pretty sure I would love to work with you. Think about donating. It could be fun.

It’s exciting to be back on the blogging bandwagon! As I will be trying to, you know, build my business and stuff, you will hearing a lot more from me. My goal is one recipe and one non-recipe post per week and in the mean time: HEEEEYYYYYY DUUUUUDES. I’ve missed ya! Thank you for accepting me back into your loving arms and I look forward to telling you details about just how this sensitive stomached lady went vegan all over again. See ya soon!

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3 Responses to I’m back, I went vegan again, and I’m going to school

  1. Kelly says:

    Lacyboo, can you extend the length of your campaign at all? Because I want to contribute more next paycheck (a week from today, so 1/31).

    • lacy j. davis says:

      girl, dont even stress. i can’t extend the campaign (i tried!) but it’s cool. you give me emotional dollars on a daily basis.

  2. Oh, Lacy, I’m so so excited for you and for all of this! I am particularly eager to see how you’re making your fitness lifestyle work as a vegan. I’m obvs glad you’re back on the bandwagon. 🙂

    Also, I am slowly getting the point where my stomach is not my enemy more times than it is. That is at least some progress. I look forward to hearing more about this amazing victory. <3


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